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In Which Fatso Is Really Pleased With Herself

I mentioned yesterday that I was going to view a flat today, in hopes of moving out of my parents’ place and actually starting to become an adult.

The flat I went to see was in a little place called The Furlongs here in Hamilton; it’s a lovely little area, full of trees and SQUIRRELS, with not a lot of traffic, just a ten or fifteen minute walk away from The Water Palace. It’s the perfect place for me to live.

I think, right now, though, I can’t move. The amount of money it’d take to move in (£320 deposit; one month’s rent; £90 admin fee) I just don’t have right now. The Rent Deposit Scheme people would only help me by covering the deposit, but not the first month’s rent.

So I have to save. Not sure how, but I’ll have to.

ANYWAY, the thing I’m most excited about isn’t the flat (although it was a nice little flat; just the perfect size for me – and Janey, too, if she came over to live with me) but what I wore to go to the viewing. I figured that, if I wanted to make a good impression, I should dress nicely. I was going to wear my nautical-style skirt, but when I was reaching into my drawer to get it, I saw my Beth Ditto Heart Print Bubble Skirt, and I thought…

Well, let’s give it a try.

The last time I tried the skirt on, it was so tight on me it was stretched across my stomach, and I couldn’t sit down in it.

This time…

Well, it’s not loose on me, but it sits comfortably enough. I can sit down in it.

I looked kind of adorable.

I wore it with my Evans purple trench coat that I bought last year, and I just looked DAMN good.

And all I kept on saying was I can’t believe that I can finally fit into my skirt.

After how much I paid for the damn thing, and I take a year to fit into it?

At least I can finally fit into it.

I’m really, really pleased with myself. I can fit into my awesome skirt. 😀

And I looked cute in it.

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5 thoughts on “In Which Fatso Is Really Pleased With Herself”

  1. Hello my name is Hannah,
    I just want to say how happy I am to have stumbled across your blog and what a delight it has been to read your witty truthful everyday issues that arise.
    I am also overweight and stuggling to find support within my close niche circle of 'skinnies' but your blog has just snapped me back into place and convinced me that, if i don't do this for myself, then i wil never be happy.
    Ps, I love the skirt…Beth Ditto is my absolute fav.

    1. Hi, Hannah! Thanks for the lovely comments about my blog! I'm glad that it's helping you. 🙂

      I know how difficult it can be, finding support when you're overweight – especially if everyone around you seems to be of a normal weight. That's when you have to be really tough and find it within yourself to be your own cheerleader, you know? Which isn't as easy as it sounds, so good for you, for taking initiative. I hope it works out for you!

      (When I saw the second Beth Ditto collection, I immediately knew I had to have the skirt. I was devastated when I received it and it didn't fit, but I was loathe to send it back or sell it on. I think I knew I'd fit into it eventually. I'm glad I did, even if it took me almost a year!)

  2. Well done you!! I love that feeling of getting into something you bought because you are just in love with it even though it doesn't fit you at the time. You are looking much tighter (particularly in this outfit I think) so all your exercise is obviously doing wonders 🙂

  3. you look absolutely adorable! what a great feeling I bet when you got that skirt on, finished dressing and looked in the mirror and thought "YEAH!" well done, you've worked hard for it!

    1. Aww, thankya. 😀 And YEAH. I felt AMAZING when I got the skirt on, and EVEN BETTER WHEN I SAT DOWN IN IT. Oh god, I’m so happy lately, I keep finding things in my “skinny drawer” (still a size 32, but they were all “didn’t fit” or “REALLY SUPER TIGHT” on me) that are fitting me now! I’ve got two “new” pairs of jeans in the past month. 😀

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