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In Which Fatso Is Random

  • There’s nothing more disconcerting to me right now, than the sound of my spine popping/cracking/crunching when I’m walking.
  • Pedestrians are assholes just as much as drivers. If not worse.
  • I may or may not have mentioned to my Spin instructor that I fancy Blond Boy (who used to be in the swimming club, and now he’s training/coaching/doing swimming lessons?), only to find out that she actually knows him.
  • I might have died of blushing.
  • I don’t know how I managed to complete classes when I weighed 29 stone. Classes right now are KILLING me. Maybe the instructors have just gotten harder.

    I don’t know what’s been going on lately, but my Spin classes have been looking like “Attack Of The Lazy Noob”, for the past two or three weeks.

    I know that we were all newbies are one point, and there are some newbs who do and who do come back, but they seem to be the minority.

    On Wednesday, there were six or seven newbies in the one class, which Jen (aforementioned instructor) had been taking the past few weeks to cover for Alan, the regular instructor on Wednesday nights. There was a newbie on either side of me, in fact, and I helped them both set up their bikes while Alan was busy with the ones across the room. Those two girls did fine; they actually tried hard, but given that the wee girl on my right said, “I thought it’d just be pedalling the whole time!” I’m not holding my breath that I’ll see them again.

    The other four girls? I could tell the moment they walked in that at least two of them weren’t there to break a sweat. They had plimsolls on instead of actual trainers; their makeup was perfectly in place; their hair was artfully tied up. One of them was wearing leggings (fine for walking outside, not so good for an exercise class) and one of those t-shirts that’s half belly shirt, half this-is-the-shirt-that-I-stole-off-of-my-muscley-boyfriend t-shirts. The ones that are really, REALLY baggy, and if you lean too far forward, you expose your dirtypillows. (Note to self: need to see the new Carrie.)

    The one with her hair up in a high ponytail (her hair was, like, three feet long) spent more time flicking her ponytail out of her face than actually doing what Alan was telling us to do, I think. The other girl stood up for approximately 30 seconds in the second song and then sat down and pedalled at probably 2mph for the rest of the class, until the last song, when she stood up the whole song. (Gasp!)

    Now, I know that when I started I could only be on my feet for about 10 seconds before having to take two or three minutes’ rest, and I know that I shouldn’t be judging other people because I don’t know their circumstances, but surely the whole point of going to an exercise class is to do exercise. Not just to sit around and pedal slowly. That’s not even spinning!

    At least they didn’t talk through the whole class. There were a couple of newbs in Lisa-Anne’s Friday Night class a few weeks ago who sat on the bikes in front of me, never went above 2mph (my walking speed!) and who talked through the whole class.

    I talked to Alan after class on Wednesday night, and we bitched about newbs who don’t do what they’re told and who come to class for reasons unknown and then don’t do what they’re told. I mentioned that I was 26st, and he said, “Wow. I was 23st.”

    He showed me a before and after picture, and wow. He looks like he’s never been overweight in his life, until he showed me the loose skin on his stomach, which doesn’t get in his way but is damaging his confidence. He’s going to have an abdominoplasty before Christmas, though. Good on him.

    It’s things like that, that make me realise it’s actually possible to hit your target. I can look at the before-and-after photos of as many success story blogs as I can find, and nothing makes quite the same impression on me as meeting a success story in the flesh.

    There are times, like that, where I still feel like a complete newbie myself. I’ve got a long, long way to go.

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