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In Which Fatso Is (Not) Ready To Give Up

It’s happened again.

D’you remember last year? D’you remember The Unthinkable Thing I had to do last year?


Guess what I had to do at the end of November, and why I’ve been surreally quiet since then?



I went for an X-Ray on my knees at the end of November, because they… well. Basically, since I’ve been a teenager, I’ve had this wee squidgy bit of something-or-other between the kneecap and the tibia to the point where I thought it was water on the knee, only to be told by my doctor in Greenock that no, a knee effusion only happens above the knee. (I don’t know if that’s true or not. It was the same doctor who refused to prescribe me painkillers for pain in my back that rendered me unable to walk more than 100ft without excruciating pain, and which stopped me from attending college. He told me to simply lose weight.)

I phone for the results for my X-Ray today, and the good news is that I don’t have osteoarthritis! YAY!

Bad news?

I still have clickety rickety knees that hurt like a mofo and no idea why. I also, of course, still have my sore hips and sore feet and sore back and sore spine and-


Yeah, when I was done seeing Dr. David, I took my sick note up to the Water Palace, and I got my membership suspended for the time-being. It’s not as severe as last year, when I just straight-up cancelled it. It’s not cancelled. It’s frozen until February, when I can either taken in my next sick note and say, “Please keep my membership frozen because I’m still very much broken,” or I can say, “I feel much better now, please let me come back!” and everyone at my classes will be like, “Wow you disappeared again, we’re going to start calling you Houdini, you know that, right?”

The good news is that I have more than enough stuff at home to make sure that I don’t spend the entire time sitting on my ass (although I’ll mostly be doing that until I finish making ALL OF THE CHRISTMAS PRESENTS) because I’ve got stretchy bands and my shake-weight (yes, I have a shake-weight! Have you ever used one of those things?! JESUS CHRIST ALMIGHTY my arms hurt after.) and Mum and Dad have gotten me a Kinect for my XB360 so I can get dance games that actually work, unlike the dance game I got for the Playstation Move, which is like a dance game designed by Hades himself for use in Tartarus.

(Now, try to get the mental image of the Titans playing Dance On Broadway on the PS3 out of your head. I dare you to try.)

I’ve also got DVDs and .avis and what-have-yous and we all know it’s just a case of me getting my arse in gear and getting up off of the couch instead of just sitting there all day.


I’m not ready to give up yet. Point of fact:

I am never giving up again.

Been there.

Done that.

Giving up is the only thing I give up.

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