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In Which Fatso Is In Pain. Again.

Another week, another quiet week, blog-wise. I could make excuses, but I’m not gonna. There’s not a lot going on.

My collarbone is still sore, and I’ve still got that pulled muscle in my left arm, and neither seem to be getting much better, to be perfectly honest. I don’t know what to do. My doctor’s awesome, but he just keeps telling me: take my painkillers. Rest my arms.

But I use my arms for things like turning over in bed. I can’t turn over without pushing myself up, because I’m really fat. I use my left arm, sometimes, to pull myself up the stairs, because sometimes it’s difficult to get up the stairs without hauling myself up, because I’m really fat.

Other than after my Weight Watchers class, and my Sunday morning Spinning class, I’ve pretty much not been to the gym in about three weeks, and I haven’t been swimming in as long because I can’t swim without using my arms, and if I use my arms, I’m just going to hurt myself again.

It’s insane. It’s driving me insane.

I’ve got a health check for Up For It?, South Lanarkshire’s health and lifestyle motivation project, which will hopefully get me a free gym membership (reduced attendance allowance, should cover my current attendances, however) and that’ll be kind of awesome. Angela, I think, mentioned that my SpinFit instructor, Jenni, also takes a Tuesday night class in Blantyre, and so I might look into going to that, although for the cost of it (probably £4.50 per class per week) I might be as well paying my £17.95/month membership fee. But I do like Jenni’s SpinFit class, as can be evidenced by my Spinning Tags.

But it’s something to think about.

Another way to add exercise that doesn’t involve much upper-body work at all.

After my weigh-in this week, which is going to be on TUESDAY, and not MONDAY, I’m going to take a picture of the awesome and tiny courgette currently growing on my back step. It’s awesome!

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