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In Which Fatso Is In More Pain

I’m not sure what’s gone wrong these past couple of weeks, but my body’s really on the fritz.

In non-back-related pain, I’ve been getting unbelievable headaches, and even worse migraines. I’m already on two types of medication for my migraines, which are chronic at this stages – I’ve been getting a migraine or two per week for almost two years – and I’m on Topirimate and Almotriptan, and these past three weeks, not even the Almotriptan has been helping. When I’ve not been having migraines, I’ve been having dull, throbbing headaches in the back of my skull pretty much every day that Solpadeine Plus (paracetamol and codeine) can take care of after a while.

In back-related pain, my sciatica seems to be… overwhelming. When I’m sitting down, it gets to the uncomfortable stage where I’ve got shooting pains down the back of my left leg while I’m trying to do my homework. Then I’ve got twitching nerve-like pain in my hip while I’m sitting down, and on top of that…

On top of that, I’ve got this new, intense pain on/in my spine that’s got me slightly worried. In the picture below, it’s somewhere in the vicinity of “S2”.

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Mostly, it happens when I’m in bed, but it also happens when I’m sitting at the computer, and sometimes when I’m walking around. It’s like a sudden, sharp pain that leaves me almost winded.

I’ve got an appointment to speak to the doctor on Monday, because as well as all of that, there’s also my leg, which still doesn’t physically feel right since I had that infection in January. It has a consistency like playdough in some places, and I still have a hot spot, and a nice, big red patch that looks like chicken skin. It’s… kind of gross.

Basically: I think my body is self-imploding. I’m trying to lose weight to get healthier, and my body’s doing its best to try to stop me.

It’s pretty annoying.

I’d quite like to have a day, one single day, where I’m not in any kind of pain.

That’d be kind of nice.

4 thoughts on “In Which Fatso Is In More Pain”

  1. Sorry you're in so much pain right now. I know how day after day it can really grind you down. I hope the doctor can sort it out for you.

    1. Thanks, Cat. I'm looking forward to talking to the Doc tomorrow, seeing what he has to say. Hopefully, it'll be something useful.

      I hate how it grinds me down, too. I wish I could do normal things, like stand up for 15 minutes to make a sandwich without being in agony by the end of it. I'm hoping that the pain will diminish as the weight goes down.

      Fingers crossed. 🙂

  2. As an ex-sciatica sufferer, I don't think weight loss is going to help. I used to suffer from it badly when I was much thinner than I was now. What helped was building up my core muscles through dog walking of all things (the force needed to pull back two big dogs seemed to do the trick). It's your core stomach muscles that need to be strong to keep your back in alignment. Cobra stretches are also very useful. I'd suggest moving towards lots of weight bearing exercise rather than spinning. ____I'd read through a bit of your blog and would like to give you some advice, as someone who as been there, bought the t-shirt, got skinny for the shirt and then too fat and then in the end just thrown the t-shirt away.

    1. I've thought that, that my Core needs work. That's why I do Zumba, too, in the hopes that it helps me. But pretty much any time I try to use the sit-up machine in the gym, I end up getting back spasms, or just… it leads to one of my "back attacks". I know I should work through it, but… urgh.

      I'll give the Cobra stretch a try. I'll never give up Spinning, though 😉

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