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In Which Fatso Is Feeling The Burn

And not in a good way, let me tell you!

I moved into this flat in January of last year, and only really started decorating it (painting it, I suppose; I got carpets down before I started painting) in the summer, when it got hot enough to make me sweat, and warm enough to work without fourteen layers of clothes on.

Then it got too cold to work without fourteen layers of clothes on (about a month after I’d started, haha), and my bathroom, and two walls – one in the living room and one in the bedroom – were still unfinished.

I hadn’t decided what colour I wanted to do the bathroom, which was a huge problem. And after about two days, I hated the colour of blue I’d used in the hallway. Luckily, I adore my kitchen, living room and bedroom. (I’ll adore the latter two even more when they’re completely finished, which should be by the end of this week, and then I’ll give y’all that tour of my house I’ve been promising since I moved in!)

So we were up at B&M two or three weeks ago, getting Mum and Dad a new wee deep fat fryer, and I was over trying to decide which paint to get. I’d decided on this gorgeous aqua/teal-y colour that was quite light and air-y but still dark enough to be a kind of darkened jewel tone, if that makes any sense? Then I walked around the corner and found Crown Kitchen and Bathroom for £5.50. It’s usually about £26. And it’s also specifically meant for bathrooms and kitchens.

So I dropped the one I was getting (I didn’t really drop it. I put it back on the shelf I got it from) and picked up this “intense aqua” paint.

I painted my bathroom last week (or the week before! I forget). And it looks gorgeous. It was easy, because there was a lot of sitting down. Half of my bathroom is wet wall. The other half is above the sink and the boxed-in plumbing behind my toilet and – yeah, all the awkward bits. But I was mostly sitting down, doing edges and able to reach bits and doing the floorwork and stuff, so that was good. It’s a good bathroom-y colour.

Then, when I was done in my bathroom, I looked at how much was left, and decided, “Hey! This might be enough to redo my hallway!”

Yeah, Tracy’s Brain, thanks for that idea.

So yesterday, I decided to repaint part of my hallway. The side walls. The top and bottom walls will be white.

The annoying thing is (and this is why it’s an entry here; I’m not just babbling about this just because!), it was only about 15 minutes in when I started hurting.

Not even my back. 15 minutes in, I was still sitting down, doing the edging on the floor-to-hip-height work.


When I was decorating last year, it wasn’t something that I particularly noticed as hurting too much. But last year, I was lifting weights at the gym. I was doing pretty well with them.

This year, I spend 15 minutes with my arm above elbow height, and my body starts protesting about it?

What the hell, body?


I miss the gym something terribly, man. I really do. I miss just going in, iPod on and zoning out while I work away. I miss the elliptical. Someone needs to get me a gym-standard elliptical for my house, STAT.

And a gym. A gym-standard gym. For my teeny flat. Uh huh.

But I tweeted:

And I was being serious! The painting actually felt like exercise. I was sweating.

I know my exercise routine, such as it is, is nothing like it was when I was going to my classes and the gym, but do any of the rest of you count painting as exercise?

And, as a random (connected) aside:

intense aqua

You can see the Intense Aqua on this page – third row, second from the right – and be amazed at its beauty! (If you click on the image, I’ve linked to an Amazon seller to show you that I’m not joking about the price!)


The purple on this wall is the colour I used on the feature wall in my bedroom. 🙂 It’s effing gorgeous, but it’s more pink than I was wanting, so I’m thinking of maybe changing it out for a dark plum, sometime down the line when I have more money than sense. And the brown in the top right corner is the brown I used in my kitchen, along with a lime/apple green from one of the other ranges B&M carries. I want to say Johnstones? (A quick Google/Amazon search later…)

Yup. Johnstones in Lime Crush.

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