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In Which Fatso Is Exhausted

My little sister and I left for London at 22:40 on Wednesday night. We got back from London just before 06:00 on Friday morning.

Lorna barely slept the entire time. I managed to catch some Zzzzs.

I fairly enjoyed myself, even if my legs are hating me right now because I walked, like, 5 miles yesterday. I never walk that much.

Anyway: I burned more than 4,000 calories, I didn’t eat any Krispy Kreme donuts (WHY DON’T YOU EXIST IN SCOTLAND, KRISPY KREME?!) and I didn’t even have any Starbucks Coffee, which I’m gutted about, but OMG the expense.

The point is:

I didn’t sabotage myself. We did eat at the Witherspoons in Victoria Train Station and I had a Chicken Korma (it tasted like cheap-ass Homepride sauce) and pancakes with ice cream, but I kinda figured that, with the amount of walking we were doing, I was more than covered.

We got to see the London Eye from a distance (but didn’t go on it, because we checked out the prices before we went: £17 per person, ARE YOU SERIOUS?!) and basically, we just wandered around for the afternoon.

Then we got too sore to walk any more, and we sat in the coach station for something like four, five or six hours while we waited on our bus. XD So much walking!

The muscles on the tops of the insides of my thighs are killing me. The sides of my feet are killing me.

But I feel all right, other than that.

We survived a day in London on our own – no sign of riots or looting or violence, although we passed through Kilburn High Road on the way there and back, and when we got to the Blue • Inc, Shoe Zone and Foot Locker stores, I was like, “Oh, my GOD, I saw those shops getting looted on the BBC.” – and we didn’t end up in London Below. /Neil Gaiman reference

I call it a success.

Even if I did eat almost an entire pack of Jelly Babies. I’m using the excuse of, “I needed to raise my blood sugar level to stop myself falling asleep.” I also drank a whole bottle of Boost. XD I’m surprised I wasn’t bouncing off the walls with the sugar and caffeine.

But yeah.

A total success.

Even if we did have to spend 16 hours on a bus, 8 of which we had to spend cramped together.

Thank god I love my sister as much as I do. 🙂

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