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In Which Fatso Is Disappointed

We were all sitting in the fitness suite this morning, on our Spinning Bikes – which had been put out at the last minute, and only after one of us had gone to tell the front desk, “Hey, our class starts in ten minutes and the bikes still aren’t out!” – when one of the guys from the centre comes in and I know, immediately, that the class isn’t going ahead.

“So Stephanie, your instructor, has had a bit of an accident,” he said.

Everybody else groaned.

“Is she okay?” I asked, and he nodded.

“She went over on her ankle, so she can’t take the class this morning. Normally, we have members of staff who can cover classes, but none of them are working today, and it’s too late for any of them to get in to cover, so the class won’t be going ahead today.”

It says a lot about my class that we didn’t all rush out immediately. We sat for a couple of minutes and bemoaned the fact that we wouldn’t have a class, and that we were glad Stephanie was okay, but damn, no class.

It’s not even like I could go into the gym. I’ve still got this tendinitis in my heel. Even Spinning’s getting damn painful. I want it to go away so I can get back to burning 2,500+ calories a week again.

So, I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to have my usual awesome Sunday morning class. I’m pretty glad, however, that my mother wasn’t at work, so I didn’t have to waste almost £10 on taxis and NOT having a class, too. That would have been awful.

I really need to buy a bike so that I can cycle to my classes, I really do.

Anybody got a cycle they can send me? Or any idea where I can get £200-ish for a good bike?

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  1. Thats a good idea. I was thinking bout getting a new bike too. Duno what id do with me old one. Its a bit crapped out but cleaned up it goes. If i get a new bike i'll let you know.

  2. Also I know you like your spinfit and the bikes there probably cost a kidney but tesco direct is doing a wee exercise bike at the min its £50 but if you put in a voucher code you get £10 or something off.

    1. I just went and looked at it, and it looks like a pretty decent wee exercise bike! But it's got a really low max weight limit on it – I'm about 9 stone too heavy for it at my current weight. XD Don't wanna spend £40 or £45 on something and break the seat.

      Stupid weight limits. But thanks for pointing it out 😀

  3. I don't think LJ has been updating you feed much recently so I came here for a read instead! I don't use my bike much just now because we're hideously isolated and whatnot but I'm looking forward to doing more of it once I've moved!

    Still agonising over joining the gym..

    1. Yeah, I think LJ's RSS had trouble when LJ had trouble. You know the site's always here! 😀

      You know I have MOSTLY given up going to the gym, so… XD I just use the elliptical before my classes. I enjoyed the gym while I was going, though – except for the dreadmill. Boring-as-hell. But if you're going to join the gym, they're probably gonna show you how to use it anyway. Do you have a local authority gym? They're usually cheaper than chain gyms like Fitness First, etc.

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