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In Which Fatso Is A Winner

Two very exciting things arrived in the mail for me today.

First was my confirmation that I am a student again! I have been sending things back and forth with The Open University, and starting in October, I’m going to be (in addition to whatever is happening at the time) studying a BA (Honours) English Literature And Language. I’m pretty excited about this! I should have been studying English the first time I went to college, but didn’t. Now I get to! Yay!

The second thing that arrived in the mail for me was… well. I had completely forgotten, but a while back, I entered a competition on Philadelphia to win a cooking masterclass (I think! I can’t remember!) or a cookbook.

So, in the mail today was:

I won The Philadelphia Cookbook!

I’m absolutely thrilled about this. Mum and I use (Light) Philadelphia in so much anyway, mostly from Weight Watchers recipes, and this recipe book has calories, protein, fat etc at the bottom of the recipe, and they all look quite delicious.

(I’ll admit, the first thing I turned to was desserts. There are a fair number of cheesecake recipes, and I can’t wait to try to make some. I love cheesecake, and it’s too high in POINTS to eat, so maybe making it with Splenda and Light Philadelphia will make it more affordable!)

So yeah. Before I headed out with the family to add a second coat of paint to my new bedroom, I was quite thrilled to have two surprises in the mail today.

Today was a good day. I didn’t sweat buckets like Thursday, but I did get more work done.

Tomorrow’s spinning, so I won’t be painting tomorrow. Whether I’ll be able to hold myself up on the handlebars or not is another matter…

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1 thought on “In Which Fatso Is A Winner”

  1. Hey!

    I love Philadelphia too. You should post the best recipies so I can steal them!

    Oh, and I agree about he Taylor Fetguson diet. WW is more of a healthy eating plan than a diet I reckon. You choose healthy filling foods but at the same time, dont feel like you are depriving yourself if you want a treat! WW all the way!

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