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In Which Fatso Is A Headless Chicken

So, even although therapy ended last Thursday, I still ended up running around Hamilton and East Kilbride today like a headless chicken, like I’ve gotten used to on Thursdays.

Had to go to Citizens’ Advice, and then I opted to go to Starbucks (still got money left on my gift card) and then I had an appointment with the nurse.

My day went like this:

  • Appointment with Matt at Citizens’ Advice at 2pm. Arrived about 1.40pm – didn’t expect to be that early, but the 226 bus service has been ridiculously crappy of late, so I decided I’d rather leave mega early and chance being mega early, than leave sort-of-on-time-ish and chance the bus not showing up properly, and leaving me RUNNING AS FAST AS 2.5 miles per hour TO GET TO MY APPOINTMENT ON TIME.
  • 201 bus to East Kilbride. Some idiot walks in front of the bus in the middle of the town, obviously drunk, and stands in front of us for a minute, challenging the bus. “C’mon then! C’MON!” Gotta love drunken Scotsmen. Note the sarcasm. Get there by 3pm. Served, sit down, eat my brownie. Have ONE SIP of my drink before I look at my phone and decide, “yeah, I suppose I’d better leave now, in case the buses are running weirdly,” and also, the East Kilbride shopping centre is effing MASSIVE, compared to most shopping centres in Scotland and Ireland I’m used to.
  • Bus gets back to Burnbank, where I live. I need to get off to 201 and get on a 226 again to get up to the Doctor’s Surgery. Luckily, the 226 arrives quite quickly after I get off the 201. I’m still going to be late, though, but my surgery allows you a 10-minute grace period. I phone them up and explain that I’m on the bus, in traffic, and I might be 10 minutes late. Across from the main bus station, two girls get on with a collapsible pram. There are already two prams on the bus. The driver’s obviously telling them they can’t get on, because there’s only space for two prams, and even with their pram collapsed, WHERE THE HELL’S IT GOING TO GO? They take three, four, five minutes arguing with him. They eventually get off, and we head up the hill towards the bus stop I need to get off at. Luckily, it’s only a two-minute walk around the corner from the bus stop to the Doctor’s Surgery. I make it with a minute to spare.

    Only to find out that the appointment I’d made last Wednesday, when I’d specifically said, “Can I have an appointment for next Thursday, please?” wasn’t there. Because it had been made for last Thursday.

    They managed to fit me in anyway, thank GOD.

  • I’ve got a phone appointment with Dr. David on Monday, too, because I need medical certificates and medical histories and what-have-you for STUFF and I just.

    I phoned Mum when I was on the bus just heading past her work. I figured she was at home, but she was actually at my big sister’s. So I just got off the bus in the main terminal, walked over to the main post office, and went to Linda and Greg’s for dinner and had a bit of an impromptu barbecue for my dinner. Bloody lovely.

    (My big sister passed her driving test today! Congratulations, Linda!)

    Luckily, the weather was amazing. It was gorgeous and warm and sunny. Unfortunately, I forgot my hat.

    Can’t win ’em all.

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