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In Which Fatso Is A Grape


So, I think I’ve found my outfit for Linda’s wedding.

Unfortunately, it’s still going to cost me close to £60 (dress and shoes; I think I can find my black bolero in the mess of a clothes box I have in the corner of my room for the night ‘do) and that is… urgh.

I hate being unemployed.


I found the dress on amazon.co.uk last night just via a search for “plus size dresses” – why I didn’t think of that before, I don’t know – and the shoes are from my favourite (or only, at the minute, when I get money to buy any) clothes haunt, Evans (who should think about SPONSORING me, I wear so much of their stuff).

Of course, the problem here is still money. Me paying £60 leaves me with no money for a fortnight (and I’m not even kidding about that.) and I wouldn’t be able to pay my Weight Watchers or Gym Membership, so if I’m going to do this, I’m going to have to do it in stages.

So which do I risk first: the perfect dress or the perfect shoes? I buy one on Wednesday when my ESA money goes into the bank and I get the other in two weeks’ time when my next payment goes in.

(I still have to buy my Open University books, which is another £30 or £40, too, but they’ve sent me a cheque, at least, to cover £30 of that.)

But what if the shoes go out of stock? What if they don’t fit? What if I buy the dress and it doesn’t fit? I’m back at square one. Linda’s wedding just keeps getting closer and closer, and I’m not getting any smaller. I know that I’m not a true size 32, and that worries me because a lot of stuff is made small.

So what do I do?

I wish I could stop panicking, for one.

And I wish somebody would wave a magic wand and give me a job that wouldn’t interfere with the wedding, for two.

The dress, by the way, is on my Amazon wishlist. I’m just sayin’.

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6 thoughts on “In Which Fatso Is A Grape”

  1. Def get the dress… shoes will be easier to pick up later… or you could ask them to hold them for a small deposit (£5) .. some stores can be good like that… pretty colour dress though!

  2. I'd say definitely get the dress. If you're worried about size, they should have a size chart that you can measure yourself against and see how closely you line up. That's a really beautiful color for a dress, though, and it should look great on you.

    1. @Astrid: Yeah, I've checked the size chart, and it SEEMS to be okay… it's always down to the materials they use. Jersey is more forgiving, but this dress is a Viscose/Elastane blend, which will be odd.

      @Doll: Thanks! I'm a sucker for purple, I really am – painted my whole room lilac with one wall in a darker shade of purple, actually – and it fits with my sister's tartan/thistle theme. If it comes down to it, I'm sure I've got a pair of silver or black heels I already own that I could wear with the dress, but I'd really rather have coordinating pieces (and a new pair of shoes, ahaha!), you know?

      @Lilies: I knoooww. And yeah, the dress is always the hardest to get the fit right on, especially with such an odd fabric as viscose/elastane. If it was a jersey dress, it wouldn't be a problem, really, because it would flow easier. We shall see, I suppose!

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