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In Which Fatso Hurts On Purpose

I’m currently a big bag of skin, bones, and PAIN.

For Go The Distance, I originally set myself the challenge of 18 elliptical miles (2 miles, 9 times) and 9 strength/weight training sessions.

I went on the elliptical tonight, and did the entire two miles backwards, because it seems to hurt my foot less when I do it like that, but when I got off, I thought…

I need to not hurt like that. Even if I’m challenging myself, I need to not hurt myself like that. I’m supposed to be trying to heal my Achilles tendon, not make it worse, and making myself do two miles on the elliptical before or after my Spin class is just…


So I came home, and I tweeted and asked Robby if it was okay to change our modalities (challenges) after we’d started, and got the A-OK for it.

So, instead of going for 18 miles on the elliptical, I’m aiming for 150,000 steps for the month instead.

Technically, this is my aim anyway. My BodyMediaFIT‘s step target is 5000 steps per day, but there are some days when I do as little as 800 steps.

I’ll either need to make sure I do more steps EVERY day, or make sure that I do more steps on my more active days to make up for that one really lazy day a week (usually Thursdays or Mondays, when I’m having a rest and doing homework or something).

But I’ve only just changed it, and already I feel a hundred thousand times more chill about the whole thing. I can go on the elliptical IF AND WHEN I WANT, not because I feel like I have to.

I can do my steps on the treadmill, if I want. I can walk down to Asda after every Spin class, if my parents don’t mind the extra three minute drive to pick me up.

Things like that.

But the other one, the weight/strength training thing? I know that 9 is a low number, and I’m gonna totally surpass it when I start the Zero Excuses challenge on Monday, but I wanted a number that I knew was reachable.

I’ll up it when I see how I go. When I reach 9, I’ll double it.

But this month… this month, and hopefully to continue on, the strength/weight thing will be part of my routine. I used to do it all the time but fell out of the habit because it “wasted time”.

But if I build muscle and burn fat quicker, surely it’s not a waste of time at all.

I’ve gotta start looking at the big picture again.

Gotta get my head back in the game.

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2 thoughts on “In Which Fatso Hurts On Purpose”

  1. Because annoyingly you LJ cross post didn’t allow me to comment…

    I’ve actually tried to use an elliptical machine backward. Aside from getting a few strange looks it hurt my legs like fire. I don’t think I could manage it for more than five minutes out of a 30 minute session when I tried so kudos to you for that. (Then again I don’t think I could keep up with a spinning class either).

    I find the stair climbing machine to be the toughest though.

    1. I have no idea WHY it wouldn’t let you comment; I also didn’t get a notification for this!

      I love using it backwards. Most of the time when I’m Spinning, I’m pedalling forwards, so using the elliptical backwards utilises a different set of muscles, and, most importantly, doesn’t hurt my Achilles’ tendon as much. It really is a lifesaver.

      I can’t use the stair climbing machine yet! I still haven’t mastered it. 🙂 ONE OF THESE DAYS…

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