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In Which Fatso Hates Heat

1st June 2013

The weather widget I have on my phone says:

2013-06-01 02.27.01

Feels like 5°C my ASS
Also, if anyone’s wondering: my background is a Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep wallpaper.

I am in the unfortunate situation, in my first home, that I have to wash dishes by hand. That means, in my condition of oh Jesus Christing hell, what is this new level of agony?!, instead of washing the dishes every day – which would be the smart choice – I was the dishes every couple of days.

By which point, there’s enough that it sometimes takes me an hour to wash them all.

You can imagine, if you know how much pain I’m in (I take Tramadol, Diclofenac, Morphine and Gabapentin for the pain… and I’m STILL IN PAIN), how bad this is, when I’m hunched over the sink.

And how much my neighbours must hate me when I start the dishes at 11pm, but I’m still singing my heart out at midnight. (Sorry, neighbours.)

Add to that the heat. Ignore what my weather widget says. It feels like the Sixth Circle of Hell. (Or the Inferno. Or just The Sixth Circle. I’ve never fully finished Dante’s Inferno, but I’m pretty sure it’s the Sixth Circle that’s all fiery and flamey.) It’s sticky and warm and hot and.


And I had to stand with my hands in a sinkful of really, REALLY hot water, with a back that was so sore it made my legs tremble, so that I could wash my bloomin’ dishes.

It’s so much easier in the winter when it’s cold. (Except that then, your hands are cold, so putting your cold hands into the hot water feels like KNIVES. Like Jack describes it in Titanic. He wasn’t kidding!)

The only good thing that came out of it was that my dishes got washed. And I got to sing my little heart out for a while.

I always wonder how many calories you burn doing something like that. Does washing dishes burn calories? Or do you have to do it extremely?

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