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In Which Fatso Grazes (and gives away!)

So, while I was on Twitter the other day, one of my BFFs said that he was getting his first “graze” box delivered. I asked him what it was, and then decided, “No, I’ll Google!”

Apparently, it’s a brilliant idea for office workers: you order a nutritionally balanced box of goodies – fruit (semi-dried or fresh), nuts, crackers, olives, natural treats and seeds and the like – and, twice a week, this awesome company sends you a box with a selection of 4 different mixes. You then “graze” on these until the next delivery date.

(Mondays and Fridays, excepting Bank Holidays, when it’s either Tuesday, or the next available delivery date, according to their website.)

Now, James, my BFF, then said that he would be able to give me a code to give me a free box, eventually. But his husband got one first, posted it to his Twitter, and now I’m sitting here with my own “graze” box, thinking,

“This is a bloody great idea.”

The box arrived with two strips of plastic around it to keep it closed (which you dont see here, because I already put them in the recycling bin. But the website says everything is recyclable.)

Inside, you have your four individual punnets of mixes – today, I have “Love Mix” (Cherries, goji berries and organic apricots) – and this is 2 of my 5-a-day; “Pumpkin Fruit Pie” (green raisins, jumbo raisins and pumpkin seeds); “Strawberries And Cream” (dried strawberries, green raisins and white chocolate); and “Paper Tiger” (mixed rice crackers and mixed peanut crackers).

You also, more importantly, get a leaflet with nutritional information for what it is you’re eating – for example, Love Mix has 102kcal per 40g pack and 0g of saturates. Which means that for 2 servings of fruit, it’s 1.5 points.

The design of the box is great – you take out the bottom, and you’ve got the “grass” right there (and “Neil woz ‘ere” on the back – hi, Neil! Thanks for the great food!) and you get a recyclable napkin and everything.

So yeah. There are things like chocolate-covered nuts and yogurt-covered nuts and yogurt-covered fruit and you are still allowed to snack on chocolate and that’s great.

Of course, the first pot I dived for was “Love Mix” (bottom left-hand corner punnet), because CHERRIES.

And I was surprised – I was expecting fully-dried fruit, but this WASN’T. The cherries still had a serious amount of oomph, and the goji berries were nothing like the dried goji berries I used to put in my cereal. The organic apricots were the densest – I suppose, yeah, the driest – of all of them, but that’s not saying a lot.

It was delicious.

And, as I said: 2 of my 5-a-day. In that tiny little 40g punnet. Amazing.

I originally thought: I will have to cancel these after my special offer from the code from Samuel is over. But to be honest, it’s only £2.99/box, twice a week – I think I can stretch to that. I spend that much on sweets from WeightWatchers meetings anyway.



And now for the give-away part:

(Unfortunately, this offer is ONLY FOR UK RESIDENTS.)

Because I ordered a Graze Box, I now have a code that my readers in the UK can use that will get you a free Graze box, and then a half-price Graze box after that. (Every box after that is full-price, and you need a Debit/Credit Card which will not be charged until your second box.)

If you go to and put in the code VPX1ZFK (if you follow that link, it should be pre-entered for you) you should get a free Graze Box!

Just rank the options, check some “send soon”s, and your box will soon be on its way.


Although this is technically not a review, I have received no monetary or complimentary compensation for this. This product was bought for my own consumption from my own funds. When you sign up to, I will receive £1 off for every person who signs up. I cannot use more than one referral against the cost of one box. If I want, I can also choose to give these £1 referrals to’s charity of the month.

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    1. All-natural, fabulous, healthy? Yeah, it really is. :/

      But hey, you are rubbing off on me? Is that good enough?

  1. I might have done it if i could be botherd putting my card details in. Im surprised theres japanese rice crakers in there. I liked this non review, review. Thanx 🙂

  2. oo that worked. i tried to comment on your latest post twice to tell you about the pharmacy thing but it didnt seem to work.

    1. Yeah, that was my fault – they got tagged as spam because they included the word "pharmacy" XD

      I have no idea why it's doing this. I am seriously stumped – when I google "Buy prescription propecia. Safe and secure pharmacy!" there are only three hits – one is "canadian pharmacy", one is MY SITE and the other is "".

      I mean.

      What the hell?

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