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In Which Fatso Gets Wet…

…and cold.

Thanks, Scotland, for that sudden bitter chill and the ocean-load of rain you just dumped on me.

I’d forgotten how good it feels to have sweat dripping out of your hair. It was actually dripping down the legs/arms (which is it?!) of my glasses, at one point. It feels like I just washed my hair. And that was before I walked outside into the pouring rain.

The class tonight was covered by a lovely wee girl. I think I heard her say her name was Jenna? Jenny? Something close to that, I hope. The music was playing at the time, and I’m really, really dreadful with names.

She worked us hard. Plenty of resistance, plenty of sprinting. Not so many pressups that I wanted to tear my own arms and shoulders off.

It was good. I actually decided not to go to the gym tonight, because I felt like I was going to puke, pass out, or die. Or all three, one after the other. Which means it was a really goddamn awesome workout.

(Although the puking-feeling can be attributed to having actually eaten food before class. Normally, I don’t eat anything except maybe an apple before class, and I was up at Mum and Dad’s today, and got actual food. And delicious, home-made creamed rice that my Daddy made. 😀 Thanks, Daddy!)

But the fainting and the dying? Totally just because it was a really hard workout. I sat on the stairs for ten or fifteen minutes after class, just letting my breathing come back to normal, and my heartrate retreat back down from the ceiling.

I still had sweat dripping down my glasses until I put my hat on, and headed outside.

2013-10-16 21.49.57
Not sure if rain or sweat.

2013-10-16 21.50.46
Nope, definitely rain. I think.

The annoying thing is that it was actually dry, and quite bright, when I left my house this afternoon. I didn’t pick up a hat, and I didn’t even put on my “proper coat”, the one that’s semi-waterproof. Or even the one that is waterproof. I thought that when I walked home tonight, I might be a little cold, and that’s all.

I didn’t think the heavens would suddenly open and drench us all! The Yankees hat is actually my Dad’s, but I’ve told him I’m totally keeping it, haha. He has another hat! My Superman visor doesn’t cover my whole head, obviously, and all the other hats I have are woollen, and get soaked through when it’s raining heavily. It was nice, having the top of my head stay dry.

Oh well. Lesson learned. Next time: full winter getup. Big waterproof coat (that I need to lose a wee bit more weight to fit into comfortably, but it closes! That’s what counts.), hat, scarf, potentially gloves.

Go overboard, or not at all.

What about y’all? Have you ever been caught without transport and had to walk home in the rain after the gym/classes? Horrendous. I hope you haven’t. 🙂

2 thoughts on “In Which Fatso Gets Wet…”

  1. I have to walk to the gym every time, since I don’t have a car anymore. Luckily it’s only about a ten minute walk from my flat, but yeah I’ve been caught a few times. Typical Scottish weather eh! I kind of like the cool down it offers though. Haha. Love those workouts where it leaves you struggling to move. Definitely my favourite.



    1. I have to walk every time, too. I don’t drive, and it’s almost £2 to get to the stop nearest the gym, each way. And considering it’s less than a mile, that’s ridiculous! So it’s just over 20 minutes for me, to get there. Obviously, same back. And I gotta agree, after the workout it’s fantastic to go out and get cooled down! Not so much if you get soaked on the way in, though… Working out in rain-wet pants? NO FUN. 🙂

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