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In Which Fatso Gets Distracted By Everything

Normally, when I go out for a walk, I spend the time ignoring everything going on around me, and I compose new blog posts in my head.

(When it comes NaNoWriMo time, I’ll write my novel in my head, too.)

Tonight, I was distracted by things, instead. I blame the fact that I was wearing pants that I couldn’t fit into a year ago:

2013-09-27 21.24.39
When I bought these last year, they were so tight around the thighs that I couldn’t sit down in them, and I couldn’t pull them up to the crotch properly. Now they fit!

That actually, y’know, aren’t baggy. So while I was walking, I was watching my shadow, and the thought just popped into my head, “Walking is an amazing thing. Just the very act of walking. I wonder who originally thought that up.”

Yes, those are the kinds of things that go through my head on a daily basis. Be glad you’re not in my head.

Then I got down the road to where the blackberries are growing, and they’re almost all picked out! Probably because it’s right next to the bus shelter and people notice them growing there, they’re actually getting eaten, unlike the raspberries, which are a wee bit further down. But I’m gonna take a tub with me tomorrow, and try to convince Mum to come for a walk with me into the Udston Woods, if it’s dry, to pick some. There should still be plenty left in there. I hope. They weren’t properly ripe when I picked them last, and they’re just about perfectly ripe now.

Of course, my phone also decided it was the perfect time to die. When I was leaving the house, it was at 23% (more than enough charge to last me 40~ minutes); when I got to the brambles, it was at 13%, and when I’d walked another 0.2 miles down the road to the roundabout (my turning point), it had turned itself off (luckily, I’d turned off Zombies, Run! to save my progress).

So I was left to walk the whole way back without any music. Just my thoughts. And I could actually hear other people when they were approaching me. There was this one girl, up a side-street, singing something ironically badly to a boy who was sitting on the hood of a car.

There was the burn (funny name for a body of water, isn’t it? A burn.) that I didn’t know was on the other side of a wall I’ve walked past about 15 times these past two months – must be where the water runs out from the woods.

Strangely, I didn’t think nearly as much as I do when I’m listening to music. Luckily, I also didn’t get caught in my OCD habit of counting my steps, either. Mostly, I watched my shadow and my feet, caught sight of the bottom of my legs, and avoided the dog poo.

When I got home and sat down to actually write what I’d been thinking about, I actually couldn’t remember what I was going to write about. It was something about losing weight, obviously, and having my head in the right place? Maybe.

But I got distracted by having to pet my cat and charge my phone and put something warmer on and take my hat off and oh crap I didn’t lock the door so I had to go and lock the door and-

I think the point that I’m making is that weight loss is like that for me. My goal weight is me sitting down to write this awesome blog post, and I keep on getting distracted by all this awesome shiny stuff that’s in my path.

Luckily, I’m enjoying this whole walking thing right now, but I highly doubt it’s gonna be much fun once the Autumn/Winter cold/wet/snow/hail/deadly Scottish storms kick in. Yet another distraction/setback on my way to writing that really awesome blog post.

So what am I gonna do about it?

I’m gonna just keep on writing it in my head, I suppose, until I can get it down on paper (as it were). I’ll definitely get there, once day. Sooner, rather than later.

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