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In Which Fatso Gets Back Into The Beat

I was supposed to be going back to my usual Zumba class last week; it was Gillian’s first week back at that class since giving birth in March – our first class since January.

Last week, what happened?

I got hit with The World’s Worst Headache™.

Last Tuesday was a Jubilee Bank Holiday, to make matters worse, so Boots The Chemist was closed, so I had to go to The Co-Op to get Ibuprofen, and I sat for an hour and a half when I should have been out having a nice walk and an even nicer dancing session, with my fingers massaging my temples, begging all the Gods in existence to please help get rid of this headache.

The God of Ibuprofen won out in the end. About half an hour after the class was due to have ended.

(To top it off, because I cancelled so late, I got hit with a £2 cancellation fee. Oy.)

This week, however, I had no headache! I even woke up at 9am, took my tablets to make sure my morphine would have kicked in, and then took another dose as I was heading out the door.

I’ve never walked from my place to The Jock Stein Centre. It’s weird. I’ve been driven that way a good few times now, because that’s the way Dad drives me from my place to my parents’. But walking it’s weird.

It’s a lot more hilly than I remember, for one thing.

Took me a wee bit longer than I expected, to get there, so I’ll need to remember to take my walking stick, next time, just in case.

It was lovely, to be back in Gillian’s class – not that I didn’t enjoy Margo’s class. Margo’s an amazing instructor! I just love my Tuesday class waaaay too much – with some of the regulars, even! A lot of new faces, too.

The boys at reception recognised me, and the old gentleman – I forget his name, my apologies! – whom I talk to before he goes into the gym and I go into class recognised me and we chatted, and it’s his birthday today, so happy birthday!

Things like that are the reason why I’m happy that I go to the centres I go to. Five months’ absence from a place and they still remember you, name and face, even before you hand over your card.

Gillian looks awesome. She doesn’t look like someone who had a kid three months ago. Just as much energy as usual.

And the thing I love most: seeing (almost) everyone moving in time to the beat in the mirror.

I know I’ve talked about it before, but when I started going to Gillian’s class, I stayed up at the door, hidden out of sight. Squashed in.

Now I’m up at the front, and sometimes I’m sure I feel eyes on me, trying to see how I do the moves, and I’m fine with that. It’s like in the fitness videos (I’ve seen them in Jillian Michaels’ videos, to name one), where they have one “beginner” worker and one “advanced” worker, and you follow whichever you’re comfortable with.

But yeah.

It was nice, to be back in my usual class, getting back into the regular swing of things.

Fingers crossed that the pain in my back doesn’t hold me back from doing this again!

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