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In Which Fatso Gets Aquafit

I woke up bright and early on Wednesday morning (for me, 10am is bright and early) and got a lift down to The Water Palace for the new Aquafit classes they’ve started.

It was only three classes at the end of the year, and this was the last one; I’d convinced Mum to come with me after three weeks of pestering. She had to pay in advance, because she’s not a member-member (she had a membership once upon a time, but it’s lapsed) but she had this horrendous cold that I have, so she decided not to come.

So it was just me! On my lonesome.

I went in early so I could get a little swimming in, too. Maybe 20 minutes or so. It’s always nice to get back into the water after so long away.

The class itself, though?

I figured it’d be kinda easy. I mean, I do Zumba and Spinfit; how hard could it be?!

It’s pretty damn hard.

Swimming is easy enough, because you’re basically floating and pulling/pushing you yourself through the water.

This class? It’s pretty damn hard because you’re in chest-deep water, trying to do side-steps and back-steps and front-steps and little dance steps and you’re hitting the water under the water and-

It was hard. It was pretty damn hard.

I enjoyed it a lot. 🙂

If it’s back on after the New Year, I’ll convince Mum to go again, and hopefully she’ll get a membership then, and come swimming with me beforehand, and go to the class with me, etc. It’ll be good for her.

When I was all dressed and dried, I headed up to the refurbished gym.

It’s pretty amazing, let me tell you. Star Trac and Cybex and Star Trac’s Human Sport equipment as far as the eye can see.

It looks good.

I got the new tour, and I went for a 45 minute spin on the new eSpinner bikes. The ones with the videos, iPod dock, USB dock…

It’s not bad at all, for a sitting workout. Not sure what I’m doing wrong, but it’s all bumpy when I’m trying to do standing flats and things; when my pedal stroke gets to the bottom, it sticks and it’s hard to cycle like that.

(I’m looking at the spec sheet right now, and I can’t see any max weight limit. I’m pretty sure that the others are around about 350-400lbs – the treadmills and ellipticals and Arc Trainer are all 400lbs weight limits [but they all dealt with me when I was 20lbs above that…] so I don’t know.)

Anyway, I did a 45 minute seated spin. It hurt my ass. *laughs* If it wasn’t bumpy when I was standing, it would be an awesome way to get Spinning in between my classes.

The rest of the gym is amazing. I can’t wait to get into it again after Christmas/New Year.

I was talking to one of the personal trainers(?) in the gym/outside the gym once I was done, and he got me to thinking: I might invest in a Polar Heart Rate Monitor.

I love my BodyMediaFIT, but if I get the HRM, then I can see how much I need to increase the intensity during my workouts. I know I’m burning calories, but I could always burn more calories. And I can’t wear my BodyMediaFIT while I’m swimming.

The only problem is, of course, the cost.

But I’m thinking about it. If it improves my workouts, it’ll be worth it.

I still can’t believe that after 6 weeks of such intense workouts, I’m sitting here having a break.

It’s nice, though.

It won’t last. 🙂 After the New Year, I’m right back into 4 or 5 days a week working out.

And I can’t wait. I’ve never wanted Christmas to end quite so much in my life!

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