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In Which Fatso Enjoys The Weather

When I was walking to The Water Palace last night for my swim, it was about 20°C (somewhere in the 60°Fs) and I was feeling almost too hot to have my pink hoodie on, even although all I had on underneath was a camisole.

(I practically live in camisoles in the summer, but lately they’ve been annoying me; the straps keep falling down my shoulders. If people would start making long-line vests, that’d be better. Wider straps, higher necks at the back, etc.)

But it was lovely. Much better than having it pissing with rain and freezing cold, which is pretty much what we got last summer, bar two weeks of glorious sunshine.

This year, it’s been: a week of sunshine, two months of miserable weather. A week of half-decent weather, a week of storms that you have to see to believe. A week of heat that would kill a normal Scot while still pissing with rain. A week of sunshine and heat! And now, cloudy and hot.

At least it’s not cold.

Anyway. When I was walking to The Water Palace, I noticed something that I’m surprised I haven’t noticed before, considering I’ve been walking the same route since February.

“Industriial” estate. There’s an extra “i” in there, on an officially printed poster and all. Someone was paid to design that thing, print it off, for the council/the estate/a company.

Did nobody proofread it?!

I’m still shocked at myself that it took me this long to notice. I’m such a stickler for stuff like that since I worked in The Topic.

(p.s. I miss that job so much it hurts, sometimes.)

When I went into The Water Palace, it was still bright out. It was only 8pm, after all. Why wouldn’t it be bright out? It’s only August.

However, when I came out at 9.30pm, it was a different matter.

The sky doesn’t look that dark, but with the clouds, it looked more like 10pm in winter than 9.30pm nearing the end of summer. I tweeted:

And I suppose I should. We’re headed for Autumn now. I’m going to have to think about getting a pair of decent walking boots of leather boots or something for walking up to The Water Palace and the Jock Stein Centre in the rain and snow. It was a different matter when I was only walking down the hill from my parents’ place, but walking almost 25 minutes to get to your destination means your feet get pretty wet if they’re in the wrong footwear.

I also have to think about getting a waterproof bag. I love my backpack – I bought it in Florida so I’d have a backpack to take ’round the Epcot Centre, and a backpack to take swimming (and a backpack to use as carry-on luggage instead of my huge hold-all) – but it’s not waterproof. It’s a typical canvas backpack.

I’ve got my purple showerproof coat; that’ll do me a while longer, although I’ll need to start wearing an external belt with it, it’s getting so large on me.

But these are all good things.

I’ve been living on my own for about 6 months now, and I’m finally starting to realise these things. Trying to be an adult, plan ahead.

I either need to get these things, or save enough money to take a bus every time. Plan my exercise around a bus schedule.

But it’s something to think about on another day. Right now, I’m going to get my non-waterproof crap together, and head off to Zumba and to see my mother.