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In Which Fatso Enjoys A Wee Adventure

And Then Comes Home And Cries A Lot

I went down to my hometown, via Glasgow (yay train ride!) today, to see my friend from High School. The last time I saw her was more than a year ago, so it was a well overdue visit.

I was supposed to be going to Spinfit this morning – I’d been booked in since early this week, but after Friday’s class when I basically sat down in the spectator’s area after class and tried not to cry once I was done from A) the day I’d had and B) the pain I was in, I (tried to cancel my class and found the system was fucked up so ) cancelled my class via phone on Saturday morning before I would be charged – if you cancel within 24 hours, you get charged £2.

So, knowing I had a free day today, I thought I’d go down and see Alison and flop around Greenock Town Centre for two or three hours. Usually what we do is get something to eat, laugh at terrible people in the Oak Mall, sit on the benches and yak at each other, and I don’t honestly know what because that’s the best time spent with friends is when you can’t remember what you do to pass hours.

Glasgow Central Train Station's 2013 Christmas Tree
Glasgow Central Train Station’s 2013 Christmas Tree

The train down was fine. For a second, I thought I’d accidentally managed to get onto a foreign carriage, because there was this set of French boys in front to my left, and a Chinese family in front of me, but luckily, this Scottish boy got on to my left. The wee Chinese boy was adorable, and asking questions about everything, and at one point, he was peering through the spaces at me, so I peered back at him and said, “你好! 你好吗? (Nǐ hǎo! Nǐ hǎo ma? / Hello! How are you?)” And he looked at me really surprised, then smiled and replied with just, “好吗. (hǎo ma / I’m fine.)” And then, when they were leaving, I said goodbye to them in Mandarin as well, and the nainai grinned at me. It was awesome.

(However, the train from Greenock to Glasgow, there was a Scottish/potentially Glaswegian girl and boy sitting to the left of me, and between them, they drank: three bottles of beer, and one full bottle of… I want to say Zinfandel? I don’t know. It was bright red, almost pink, cheap-looking Tesco wine, I think. The stuff that costs about £2/bottle. Drunk straight from the bottle, passed back and forth. CLASSY.)

Today, we basically wandered the mall – and I was really sad that the wee Christmas shop that was in the mall last year wasn’t there this year! I had my heart set on purchasing an overpriced-but-totally-gorgeous blue, glittery, diamanté-studded Christmas glitter shoe for on my Christmas tree this year, and to see which tree toppers they had in store, but alas, it wasn’t to be – and wandered around checking out the prices of Pokémon X and Y in various places (£34.99, Argos?! SERIOUSLY?!) before settling on £29.99 preowned in Game.

We got something to eat, I left a huge amount of food on my plate when I could have eaten all of it in January when I was there in January with my parents no problem, and Alison talked me out of buying Ghee in Tesco.

One day, my pretty. One day.

Then, we’d run out of things to do, and she hadn’t slept in about 34 hours, and my feet were getting sore (just starting to get sore at that point), so we decide to split up – she drives; I was walking to the train station. She wouldn’t let me take a photo, boo. But she let me get one or two last time, so that sort of makes up for it.

We said our overly-dramatic farewells, and I headed to the train station.

When I got to Glasgow, I decided to have a wee wander around Glasgow, to see if there were any little Christmas shops that had sprung up around Argyle Street. I even wandered through the St. Enoch Centre, but everything was still exactly the same as the last time I was through. I was so tempted to buy a Merida doll (£12.50!) from the Disney store, but she actually had terrifying eyes, so I didn’t. I did end up buying the book, S, by J.J. Abrams, though, from Waterstones. Pretty expensive, as far as books, go, but it’s like House of Leaves – it’s apparently a reading experience, and not just a book, even as clichéd and tacky as that sounds.

Going around Glasgow was a really bad idea.

I was almost crying by the time I got to the train station again, but my timing was awesome. I got there just in time, with the train arriving just a minute or two after I did. I EVEN GOT A SEAT, which is amazing at almost 6pm on a Sunday A MONTH BEFORE CHRISTMAS.

A lovely-looking young boy was even sitting beside me the whole way home, so. Yay. Eye candy!

I had to walk home from the West Station (the West Station is closer to The Water Palace than it is to my house, just for reference) and when I got home, I needed to use the loo, and I sat down… and actually started crying. Like actually sobbing, “OMFG I AM IN COMPLETE PAIN MY FEET ARE NEEDLES DAGGERS SHRIVELLED PIECES OF FLESH I THINK MY TOES HAVE FALLEN OFF AND MY FEET ARE SITTING IN POOLS OF THEIR OWN BLOOD,” kind of sobbing/pain.

I mean, of course they weren’t; they just felt like that. I’ve got this horrid pain in my right ankle and this weird pain in my left big toe/ball of my foot/muscle and I didn’t get to see Dr. David on Friday because of that fuckup with the buses and the receptionists in the GP’s surgery GIVING ME THE WRONG FUCKING TIME FOR MY APPOINTMENT and all and yeah, is it any wonder I reached for JUNK FOOD AND ALCOHOL?!

Truth to tell, I’d reach for junk food and alcohol right now, but I don’t have either.

Right now, what I’m going to do is I’m going to take my painkillers, I’m going to make sure the book I want is loaded to my eReader, I’m going to pour some juice into a bottle, and I’m going to take my cat to bed, and I’m going to read until I fall asleep.

And I’m not going to wake up until Wednesday, when I definitely have an appointment with Dr. David at 8.40am.

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