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In Which Fatso Does Another Video Blog

These are the new shoes I am considering (the £14/15 ones I mention).

Also, congrats to everybody who participated in The Great Scottish Run this morning! I’m sure I’ll be joining y’all at some point in the future (a year or two, I hope!) once I’m a lot fitter.

Let's get social:

3 thoughts on “In Which Fatso Does Another Video Blog”

  1. If you have black or silver shoes and accessories already i think you should totaly go with that. I liked the purple dress you posted the other day but purple with purple then some purple might be a bit much purple, no? Annnd it save more ££ 🙂 always loving that.

    *giggles* at you loosing it towards the end of the clip 😀

    Loving the nails

    Happy everything hunting.


    1. Seriously, it's so bad when you get that far into such a long video and start losing your mind/words/tongue/whatever! Better to just leave it in and deal with it!

      The nails were just silver glittery Collection 2000 stuff I nicked off my Mum, haha! Gone now, because they're all chipped, alas. I keep trying to grow them for the wedding, but I'm so crap at growing my nails anyway. Too many years of biting 'em, I suppose.

      I don't know about a bag. I can deal without a bag, maybe? Or find a cheapo bag in Primark or something. WE SHALL SEE.

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