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In Which Fatso Defies The Interview Norm… Sorta

Above is what I wore to my job interview this morning. On the left is the outfit sans my fabulous purple “leather” jacket; on the right, with it. The jumper is amazingly pink, yes, I’m aware of this. My BFF and her mom bought it for me for Christmas, and it’s the first time I’ve had a chance to wear it, and no better first chance to wear it!

See, I don’t really believe in black and white for interviews – sorry, Alison! If I don’t get the job, I’ll listen to you next time. 🙂 – especially if it’s creative jobs. When I went for my interview at the Topic, I’m pretty sure I remember wearing my black pants, white shirt, black waistcoat, a silver silk tie and a rainbow pin to hold it down. And I got that job.

So yeah.

I’m not one for holding with the normal black-and-white for interviews when it comes to ‘creative’ type jobs. In addition to my pink sweater, I also had lime green nail polish, dark red lips, and understated pink/brown eyes. I know not to go too heavy on the makeup if I’m going all-out on the clothes.

But today was a day of firsts! Normally, going for job interviews, Dad drives us, because Dad knows where everything is.

Today, I decided to take the train up so that I’d know where the place was when I got the job. It’s easy enough to get there, because Scotland has this awesome public transport thing going on!

So I actually used Glasgow’s Subway for the first time in my life, and then, this afternoon when I was coming home from the post office, I actually used one of the First buses to get home, instead of using a taxi, too!

Amazing, says I.

I’m sure none of y’all will be too impressed with my tales of transport hijinks, but I’ve been using taxis to get around town because I’ve been so afraid of toppling buses over or something, so actually getting on a bus today was a huge thing for me.

And fingers crossed, I’ll be using public transport a lot more from now on.

(And by that I mean: I HOPE I GET THIS JOB.)

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  1. What you wear does depend on the type of job and you now the post better than i do so maybe it was a good choice. Time will tell. Goodluck.

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