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In Which Fatso Dances Again. Sort of.

After promising to go back to my Zumba class for at least two, maybe three, weeks now, I made it back this week!

Awesome as always, except I was in at least twice as much pain as usual, which wasn’t awesome.

I had to stop during one song, half-way through class, just to rest my leg and stretch it some, because my calf muscle was sore, but it didn’t hurt anywhere near as much as tearing the damn thing did.

It felt good to be back, though. I don’t think I stopped smiling the entire time (except for when the epileptic girl, to whom I was showing how to do a kind of box step move that I don’t know/can’t remember the proper term for, had a fit. That part wasn’t good.) and I was even happy that we didn’t have to do Cotton Eye Joe, thank god, which would have probably been too much bouncing about for me.

Can’t wait to go back again next week. 🙂

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