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In Which Fatso Crosses Her Fingers

When we went out this morning, the first thing we did was go to the chemist to pick up Mum’s medicines. Because my Weight Watchers meeting wasn’t on this week, I didn’t get weighed, so it’s Tuesday, the day after normal weigh-in day, and I’m getting a bit antsy.

So I know there’s a scale in Boots the Chemist that costs 20p, the one I was using before I joined the gym, back when I was just using SparkPeople.

I stuck my 20p in, stood on, and…

And nothing.

It wasn’t working!

(OH CRAP, I though, I’VE BROKEN IT.)

“The scale isn’t working,” I said to the pretty girl at the counter.

She came over, poked it a little, and confirmed that yes, it should be working but it wasn’t.

“I’ll get one of the other girls to see to it in a bit. I don’t really know about it. Here’s your money back anyway. You can try again, what’s the harm,” she replied.

20p in again, and I stepped on again, and lo and behold, it worked this time!

29st 6lbs


-1lb (-0.45kg)
267lbs (121.11kg) to go

29st 6lbs, it read, and my heart sank.

29st 6lb?! I thought? When I stood on the scale at Weight Watchers last Monday, it was 29st 2lbs! Where did those 4lbs come from?

I was on the verge of tears, I’m not even kidding. I got back into the car, and we headed on down to the job centre for yet another week of, “what did you do this week to look for work?”

Mum slipped and twisted her ankle on the mud and wet outside the Procurator Fiscal’s office. Went down on her knee and the heel of her hand, and I was lucky that a nice guy came running over to help me pull her up. We got her inside, got signed on, got back home, and while Mum was busy throwing a wobbly, I went upstairs and ate my breakfast.

While I was upstairs, I was also getting tired. I got up at 8.45am, which is really tired for an unemployed lump like me. Especially when I didn’t get to bed until late and didn’t get to sleep until later. So I thought, “Right. I’m getting into my gym clothes, and I’m going to the gym.”

By the time I’d gotten dressed and gotten my stuff together, gone downstairs, Dad had convinced Mum to go to the hospital, and so they dropped me off at the gym, and I went in, got my Deep Freeze spray on my back, got my iPod set up (Lady GaGa’s The Fame Monster has been keeping me going lately) and went into the gym, ready to kick some cardio butt.

Of course, the gym has a scale.

The gym has a scale that I was using before I went to Weight Watchers, too.

So I went over, put down my water and my towel, started it up, and stepped on…

It flickered. It flickered between 28st 6lbs and 29st 2lbs before settling on 28 8lbs.

28st 8lbs.

That’s exactly 400lbs.

It’s not an official weigh-in, because it’s not on my Weight-Watchers card, but it’s a semi-official weigh-in, and it’s enough to make me thrilled, enough to make me think:

Holy crap, that Fast Start really worked.

I won’t know for certain until I get on the scale next Monday, but it’s either the Fast Start or all that exercise kicking in, but the scale doesn’t suddenly decide to drop that far that fast, it doesn’t go that far out just because it feels like it.

If the scale goes up by 8lbs, it goes up by 8lbs for a reason. If it goes down by 8lbs, I’m hoping that it’s really gone down by 8lbs, or something close to it.



Just as a quick note: if the website disappears for a couple of days/ a week or so… don’t worry. I’m trying to raise enough money to cover webhosting fees for the year (eBay, yeah!) and trying to figure out how my webhost works with PayPal. I’ve got more than a week to figure it out, so it SHOULD be okay. I’m just going to spend the time backing everything up, because I’d really hate all of this to go missing.


Fingers crossed that the loss posted above is a real, true loss. Even if it’s not a true loss this week, hopefully I’ll have really lost 8lbs by next week.

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