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In Which Fatso Covets Beth Ditto

So, the new Beth Ditto collection for Evans came out this week.

I want all of it, pretty much. There are a few items where I’m like, “that wouldn’t look right on me,” but all of them are so quirky and kooky and awesome that I can’t help but love them anyway.

After buying that dress for Linda’s wedding, I’d be half tempted to take it back to the store and exchange it (and pay the extra) for this dress, because it’s so… awesome. Totally appropriate for a wedding, too, and I love the style.

There are other dresses, too, but I wouldn’t wear them to a wedding. I’d wear them out and about, maybe to a club with a pair of thigh-high stockings (if I could find a pair that’d fit my thighs and wouldn’t keep falling down… answers on a postcard) and a nice pair of shoes, or just out.

The entire collection is seriously gorgeous. I looked at it and went, “I LOVE EVERYTHING. I WANT THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS AND THIS.”

Which is odd, because I didn’t really like her first collection all that much. This time, I’m wondering if I could perform black-market kidney surgery on myself to get a couple of hundred quid to buy a few things.

Honestly, waking up in a bathtub full of ice next to a note written in my own bloody handwriting would be totally worth it for these (click pictures to be taken to product pages):

4 thoughts on “In Which Fatso Covets Beth Ditto”

    1. If I still had my black hair, I'd go for the green one. I don't have the money for either, alas, but in theory with my blonde hair, the black'd definitely look better. 🙂

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