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In Which Fatso Comes To A Conclusion


After that weight gain, which was NOT a blip on the scale – I’m actually above 360 most evenings after eating my food for the day – it’s painfully obvious that what I’m doing with my day-to-day eating just isn’t working.

What I’ve mostly been doing has been this: I’ve been buying roast joints – usually pork shoulders – and cooking them in my slow cooker, shredding the meat, and eating the meat in a wrap with either my Paleo Mayo or pâté – home-made or sometimes ALDI’s Duck & Port Pâté – for lunch and dinner. A breakfast cereal for breakfast, or sometimes a Slim•Fast shake if I can’t be bothered actually eating.

Thing is, the calorie count is fine. Or, it would be, if I’d been weighing my cereal. I weighed my cereal last week, and one bowl was 130g, without milk. Approximately 520 calories, not including the milk. That’s just for breakfast.

If I was eating an actual meal for dinner, it’d probably be fine to eat that amount of calories for breakfast, but since a wrap is about 200 calories each, I don’t know how many calories for the Paleo Mayo, the calories for the meat. Sometimes a yoghurt.

I’m not using my calories smartly enough.

Come Tuesday, I’m going back on The South Beach Diet. No more counting calories. Just…

Clean food.

Getting rid of my sugar cravings and stabilising my blood sugar levels.

I know Phase One is hell. I’ve been through it twice before, but I’m determined, this time. I won’t screw up when I hit Phase Two.

But this is the kick in the arse that I need.

4 thoughts on “In Which Fatso Comes To A Conclusion”

    1. I'll probably be blogging about it daily, same as the first time around. 🙂 But the first two weeks of South Beach = no carbs whatsoever. No fruit, no bread, no rice, no carbs except for what you get from vegetables.

      But it works. It gets rid of any cravings you have, and I really am a carb-craving machine.

  1. Hmmm. Maybe I should try the South Beach diet. Counting calories is such a hard thing to do sometimes, and if I could kick my white sugar/flour cravings…

    Best of luck, Tracy.

    1. Thanks, Kelly! South Beach Phase One is EFFING HARD, I'm not gonna lie. But it does get rid of your cravings like nobody's business. I'm terrible once I get onto Phase Two, though (reintroduction of GOOD carbs) because I inevitably eat something that's not on the Allowed list.

      Worth it if you can stick it out – of course, you can always stick with Phase One for as long as needs be. 🙂 I'm thinking that I'm going to do Phase One, and then do Phase Two, but do it Paleo Style. No "Good Carbs" from bread or rice, just good carbs from veggies and fruit and stuff, instead. It's the bread and rice that always causes me to relapse.

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