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In Which Fatso Challenges Herself Again

Image by The Skinny Doll; click the banner to go to the challenge information page!

The other day, The Skinny Doll posted that she was starting The Skinny Doll Skinny Bunny Challenge.

It’s 7 weeks until Easter, so the challenge is simple: exercise, Track your food, and try to lose 1lb a week, to lose 7lbs total by Easter.

We’ve also to take a Before photo (or photos) and do our measurements. So here we go. Please excuse the fact that I’m headless in my photos. It’s difficult to take photos of myself now that I’m living on my own; my digital camera won’t focus properly, so I did a Photo Booth photo instead.

ANYWAY. Here are my starting photos and stats:

February 2012 – 345lbs

February, 2012

    Right upper arm: 17″
    Under bust: 48″
    Waist: 53″
    Hips: 65″
    Right Thigh: 30″

I’ve got a wee notebook to Track my food in; it’s pocket-sized, so I can carry it about with me. (I don’t really eat when I’m out, but if I decide to have a can of soda from the vending machines at The Water Palace, I’ll need to remember to jot that down.)

I’m ready to do this. I’m ready to get over this ±0lbs thing.

And the good news is that the Haagen Dazs is no longer on special offer at the Co-Operative across the road. o/ I know I only ate two tubs, but I’ll not be eating any tubs when it costs full price.

Let the challenge begin!