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In Which Fatso Cancels Her Class

I know I only posted yesterday about doing Dance Factory and everything, but to be honest, by the time it came to bed time, my back was playing up something terrible.

I’d managed to wash my dishes last night after my Dad disconnected my old washing machine (new one literally just got delivered as I started typing) and left the drain opened so all the water kept running out; I threw a bucket under it, washed my dishes, and my back kept on…


It’s still doing it today.

When I got the message that my machine was due to be delivered today between 3pm and 6pm, I KNEW that meant it would be delivered when I was meant to be at Spinning, so I asked Mum and Dad if they’d house-sit for me, wait for it to be delivered, and then install the damn thing while I was out.

What happened, instead, was this:

I cancelled my class, because even sitting down, my back is hurting me. Standing up to make my lunch earlier (throwing some chicken pieces on a wrap with my Paleo mayo and the last of my salad), it was tightening like a bastard.

There was no way in hell I was walking to my class, doing my class, and walking back.

Not tonight.

It’s probably because I ran out of Morphine SR and Tramadol at the weekend. I went for four or five days without Morphine, and three days without Tramadol. I ended up having the worst nights’ sleep I can remember, because I kept having to turn over to relieve the pain.

And it’s just… it’s not quite settled down yet. My back’s still sore.

I’m hoping I’ll be fine by Sunday, because I really don’t want another £4 of charges for cancelling classes (I got £4 for cancelling Wednesday night’s Spin and Body Combat; I was gonna try Body Combat again, but oh god, ouch, my back. I couldn’t even think about – like today – walking up there, let alone doing class and walking back.

I’ve got an appointment to see Dr. David on Tuesday morning. I know he can’t up the amount of painkillers I’m on, but maybe he can give me another prescription for Robaxin.

I just don’t want this to set me back again. I need to be exercising, getting stronger and fitter.

I don’t want my body to fail me, after I’ve failed it for so long.

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