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In which Fatso becomes a fish.

Yes, this is going to be another post about swimming.

Now, as we should know by now, I’ve been swimming regularly – if you can call once a week regularly – since January 25th. Monday nights around 6.15pm, I bug my Dad to give me a lift down to the Water Palace, or I call a taxi, and I get my swim on.

For the past two weeks now, my back has been agony, absolutely insane. So I’ve not been doing my step aerobics at all and so I decided, this week, that I’d go swimming twice.

Tonight, I convinced my Mum to come with me, and we both headed down to the pool, and Mum started off swimming before I’d even gotten my goggles on.

I’m pretty sure we got down at about 7pm. By the time 8.30pm rolled around, Mum had managed 32 lengths – a half-mile on her first time back in the pool since last summer, go Mum! – and I was counting down from 64.

Now, if you consider what I just said, 32 lengths being a half mile, those of you who can count might realise that 64 lengths is… a mile. (Well, it’s actually 9m short of a mile, but it’s as close as damnit.) When Mum had finished her half mile, I had 24 lengths left to swim.

So while she went to sit in the jacuzzi and rest her muscles, I kept on swimming.

And kept on swimming.

And kept on swimming.

It got easier to actually swim as it got later and the pool started to clear out, but it got harder to move. My arms and legs wanted to give out! They wanted me to stop Oh God Please Stop We’re In So Much Pain, but I didn’t.

I didn’t stop swimming, and it got better as the numbers got lower: 13, 12, 11, 10… I’m doing this! I thought. I’m going to have swum a mile!




All the way down. Aaaaaalllll the way down. 6, 5, 4, 3, 2…

I’d managed 3 lengths doing front crawl, which kills me. My asthma’s getting worse as I get older, I swear, and after a length of crawl, I can’t breathe properly. But I’d managed 3 lengths, which is 75m of front crawl, and on my last length, I did front crawl again, meaning I swam 100m of front crawl… which is the first time I’ve managed that since 2002, when we lived in Oregon, and had the community pool.

So yeah.

I’m proud to say that I managed to swim an entire mile.

It took me two hours to fully complete it, but I was actually only swimming for 100-odd minutes or so, because I kept stopping to gab to Mum.

But the last 24 lengths I did without stopping, which is probably why my limbs were crying at me by the end. I honestly thought I wouldn’t be able to walk when I dragged myself up and out of the pool, hahaha.

I did, though. I could still walk, could still stand up.

And hey, I can’t really ask more of my body than that, can I?