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In Which Fatso Babbles About Zumba

During the summer, my Zumba class was going to be cancelled. All of the amazing girls put in complaints, and the class was reinstated.

It was only going to be cancelled for something like four weeks, but the idea of not having my Zumba class for four weeks was just… unthinkable.

Mum keeps joking that I’m addicted to exercise, but I think it’s true. I think I’m addicted to my Spinning classes and my Zumba class. I’m always thinking that if I had my own transport, I’d go to more Spinning classes, and another Zumba class. I know there’s another Zumba class in the Fairhill Leisure Centre, where I used to go to the gym, on a Saturday morning or a Tuesday evening, at least.

But I’d rather be addicted to exercise than food. The problem is, I’m still addicted to food, too.

But anyway, moving on:

My Zumba class, over the summer, was brilliant. We had really good numbers. I was proud of the ladies who came to the class after complaining that it would be shut down over the summer.

But since the kids have gone back to school, the numbers have really dropped, and I’m surprised, because I thought it would be the other way around. I thought that, with the kids away, the mothers would be free to come.

Apparently not!

Today, there were six or seven of us, which is pretty much the smallest class I’ve ever been in. When I started going to Zumba in February, the class was so full that I had to stand at the door! I’ve slowly moved forward, to the front of the class, but today, all of us had so much space it was shocking!

I just hope that the low numbers recently doesn’t reflect badly. I really like my class, and I kind of need it.

(Addicted? Yeah. I definitely think my Mum’s right. The thought of not having my classes is… horrible. *laughs*)

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3 thoughts on “In Which Fatso Babbles About Zumba”

  1. I've been following you on facebook, but decided to come over and check out your blog. I have to say – you are totally awesome. I love how you said that your blog was not just about losing weight, but finding yourself again. I've been feeling that way for a while. I wonder where I went – the girl who shaved her head (yes, i did too..) on a whim, and has tried every hair color on the planet. Since when did I become the frumpy mom on the couch? Oh yeah – when i decided I was "to fat" to be me. So, thanks for the inspiration – I really needed it. A lot. Guess you have a new blog stalker now 🙂

    1. Thanks for the kind comments! 🙂 Yeah, I kind of got to the point where I thought I was too fat to do anything too, and then I just sort of… got sick of that. I got sick of waiting until I was thin to start living, even if I've been feeling a little lost lately. I hope it doesn't take shaving your head again (too cold!) but I hope you find yourself too. 🙂 Hope you enjoy the blog, and I hope that I can continue to be an inspiration, even if I don't feel like I'm very inspire-y lately!

  2. The people in Zumba "adverts" always have really brightly coloured clobber on, little crop tops and all so imagine my surprise when I peeped into the class the other night and almost everyone was wearing black joggies and t-shirts! It just didn't look very Zumba-ey ;p

    When you lose the fat you'll be able to eat whatever you like since you're doing so much exercise. You'll reach a point where you really HAVE to load up on food to keep going to all yer classes!

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