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In Which Fatso Apologises To Bees

Here’s a fun little fact about me: whenever I see a dead bee on the ground, I apologise to it. I say, “Sorry, Mr. Bee,” as though all bees are A) male and B) dead because of me somehow.

I know it’s not my fault, obviously, but I do feel sorry to see dead bees. Whenever I see a live one happily pollinating things, I also say, “Hello, Mr. Bee! Go forth, pollinate!” or something like that.

But if I see a dead wasp, I’m cruelly happy. Wasps are mean and nasty buggers.

What’s the point of the above? I’ve been walking a lot lately, so I’ve been seeing a lot of bees lately, which is strange, because until recently, I hadn’t really seen a lot of bees. (I’ve heard all of the stuff about bees dying off and going missing and things like that. And I like bees, and I like honey, and I really don’t want bees and honey bees and etc to die out. They’re fuzzy and pollinate-y and good for the environment, and they prove honey.)

When I was going to The Jock Stein Centre, I picked up the Routes Around Roots leaflet for the Udston and Glenlee woods, because Dad was always complaining that we never went for walks or anything. (We’ve still never done the walk together!)

But when I started walking at the start of August, I took a detour on the way home from Mum and Dad’s and nipped into the woods and wandered just a little way in until I came to a bridge. Took a photo, and then headed home.


Since then, I’ve been over three times. The last time I was over, I was on my way out when I found wild raspberries.

Best raspberries I’ve ever tasted, OMG.

I took a day off on Tuesday – which in hindsight was a silly idea, because I had my cat booked in to get spayed on Wednesday, so I had to take a day off on Wednesday, too.

But today, I went back over, and took two wee tubs over with me, and picked myself some free raspberries and staining my fingertips in the process. Totally worth it. Except for the sticky willies. Sticky willies suck. I managed to get one stuck under the leg of my pants, somehow.

But the walk today was beautiful. The past few times I’ve been there, I’ve been there at dusk, and it’s been slightly dark inside the woods. Today, it was dinner time, and it was still warm and sunny. I followed a path I hadn’t been on before and came out in a place I didn’t recognise until I looked down the road and realised I was on the road to my parents’ place.

Of course, I break every rule about women walking alone. I listen to music and I go into dark, uninhabited places alone. Because I’m an idiot. But hey, every time I walked home from The Water Palace after dark, I walked alone with my music on. My music and my hat are sort of armour. I hate the thought of walking without them.

That said, have a lovely gallery of photos from my walk from the Udston and Glenlee Routes around Roots trail.

(And yes, I was still being chased by zombies the whole time.)