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In Which Fatso And Her Dad Take A Wee Walk

So, The Fat Girl’s Guide To Running has set up us the bomb challenge (sentence structure intentional): One Big FAT Run.

It takes place this Sunday (29th September), so you’ve plenty of time to pledge your involvement.

When I mentioned that I was walking a 5k to my Dad, he said that he’d go out and walk it with me. For some reason, we both got it into our heads that it was this past Sunday, too! Oy. Probably because he had Sunday off, and Mum was off at a craft fair in Glasgow, we both just went, “RIGHTIO THEN, that’s the perfect day to go for a walk!”

So, a week early, I managed to force convince Dad to go down to Strathclyde Loch to do the walk. This was where we’d gone for that wee walk that one time where we’d walked 1.2 miles and I hadn’t even noticed it. (It had been a 0.6 mile walk up the loch, and a 0.6 mile walk back.) That was basically the starting point of my longer walks.

I had mapped out the shore of the loch at around 3 miles. Unfortunately, in real life, the route goes a wee bit farther out than that, and comes out at 4 miles! I hit 4 miles as I opened the car door to collapse against it. 🙂

But I had a great time. It was beautiful weather: sunny and slightly breezy; warm enough to make sure I was sweating harder than usual. I went through almost 750ml of water during my walk. And then 500ml of (Dad’s choice of) Lipton Peach Iced Tea, and about 250ml of Diet Irn Bru. And about 750ml of diluting juice after I got home from doing my groceries… Obviously, I drank more over the course of the evening, but that was drunk in the three/four hours after finishing the walk. 😐 I WAS THIRSTY.

So, have some gorgeous photos of the day:

(As usual: RSS/email/other-network-peeps, I don’t know if this gallery’ll show up for y’all, so you may have to come directly to the website to see it… 😐 Mea culpa.)

The best part of the wasn’t even the scenery, though. The best part of the walk was, without doubt, the part where Dad phoned me and I thought it was just Zombies, Run! moving onto the next musical track until it cut off about 30 seconds into it and I went, “CRAP, THAT WAS MY RINGTONE!” and I had to disconnect my headphones, pause Zombies, Run!, get into my phone app, and call Dad. The one time I actually use my phone in an hour and a half, right?

A bunch of guys on bikes zoom past me, and one prick shouts at me, “Get off your phone, you [something I couldn’t make out as he zoomed past].”

Have you ever had one of those moments where your jaw literally drops, and you do a slow-turnaround to follow someone’s movements?

I had one of those moments.

And then, when I went down to ASDA, I was obviously still dripping with sweat, and I could see people giving me this look of disgust. That look of dear god, look at that hugely fat girl sweating in this heat, because sweating is totally gross and not at all natural, and it’s not like I didn’t put deodorant/anti-perspirant on before I went out that afternoon, right? (Fucking hell, it was SECRET. I shouldn’t have sweated a DROP.)

For a change, it didn’t bother me, because in this case, my brain shouted at them:


Granted, my brain is probably also intensely paranoid and was making up the whole bit about them looking at me and/or thinking I’m disgusting because I’m fat and sweaty, but still.

You’re fat for long enough and you get shouted at often enough that you don’t really need to make most stuff up.

But in this case, I really didn’t care.

I’d just walked a huge distance.

And I’m really happy about that.

Sweat-stained ‘pits and all.

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