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In Which I’m Heading Back To South Beach

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I’ve attempted doing the South Beach Diet before. Twice, even. I’ve managed to do Phase One, which lasts two weeks, twice.

Phase Two is what gets me. That’s when you reintroduce carbs from sources like rice, pasta, fruit, etc, slowly back into your diet. I go a little nuts, apparently. (Speaking of nuts… I’d better buy some over the weekend so I’ve got something to snack on.)

But I know that South Beach works for me.

I mentioned at the end of June that I was actually going to try out the 2015 Weight Watchers plan – and I might still do that. They’ve got a low carb option, so maybe once I’m onto Phase Two, I can look at following the WW Low Carb Points Plus option, instead of South Beach Phase two. It’s an option.

Mostly… Mostly, I’m just sick of thinking, “Why isn’t so-and-so working for me?” I mean, I’m not eating junk. I’ve had three takeaways in two months – and that’s excessive. Since the start of the year, I think we’ve had five or six, including the three I just mentioned. Mum’s stopped buying in cakes and biscuits, since she had the scare about her gallbladder (it’s not gallstones, it’s not cancer, it’s not an ulcer; she had an endoscopy on Monday, and she had an ultrasound about a month before that. They have no clue what it is, same as they have no clue what caused my not-a-heart-attack.) We eat home-cooked meals. I eat basically the same thing every day for breakfast and lunch, so I know how many calories and macronutrients are in my breakfast and lunch every day.

And yet, I’m not losing weight. In fact, in the week that I bought the pizzas (yes, plural) from Dominos or Pizza Hut, I gained 3lbs. I didn’t eat the pizzas as well as my usual food. I ate it instead of my usual food… and I understand that there’s a marked difference between a healthy, home-cooked meal and a couple of slices of a large pizza, but it’s still not enough to gain 3lbs in a week.

(To wit: to gain 3lbs in a week, I’d have needed to have eaten an excess of 10,500kcal, over and above my BMR and daily caloric expenditure. Given that my BMR has been calculated at about 2,300kcal and I live a very sedentary life right now, I just use my BMR as my daily calorie allowance, and eat as close to that as possible.)

Basically, it’s all driving me nuts. So I’m going to do something that I know has worked for me in the past, and hopefully, it’ll work again. The only thing I really, really dislike about Phase One is, of course, the absolute ban on fruit in the first two weeks, because it’s cherry season right now, and picota cherries are available and I am more than happy to use 125kcal on a little tub of them all to myself while I game or watch a movie.

But no.

I have to decide to start doing the South Beach Diet again, right in the middle of summer.

Way to go, self. You’re an idiot. *grin*

5 thoughts on “In Which I’m Heading Back To South Beach”

  1. Hi, long time reader of your blog here. I first found you while looking up bloggers with pcos. I remember you mentioning that you also take metformin for it and your carb craving got me wondering how many mg do you take and when was the last time you had your dosage upped. Last year I had gotten so fed up I started taking a extra pill and it made all the difference. Sure I had been nauseous the first week or so but I never gained it back. So yeah, ask your doctor if its okay and hopefully that week of transitioning carbs back in goes smooth.

    1. Hi, Ava! Sorry about taking so long to get back to you. I went and FUBARed Disqus last time I updated it, and it hasn’t been sending me notifications, apparently. Signed in to approve a comment the other day and there were a zillion comments waiting to be replied to… oops.

      I was actually told to stop taking Metformin last year, by a Doctor when I was in the ER because I stuck a scalpel into my scalp. He said that Metformin isn’t actually a great medication to help PCOS, and to just, y’know, stop taking it. So I haven’t been taking it for just about a year now. At the time, I believe it was 500mg, 3 times a day. And to be honest, I didn’t notice a blind bit of difference. I’ve had years where I wasn’t taking it when it was easy to lose weight. Years where I was on it when it was easy to lose weight, and years when I was on it when it wasn’t easy to lose weight. And it’s one less medication going into my system, so I’m just as happy not taking it.

      Re: the carb transitioning, it’s been going fine. 🙂 Thanks for asking. I didn’t go crazy for carbs like the first time I did South Beach, but I definitely didn’t do it by-the-book. It seems to have worked, though. I’m as happy having a steak and salad for my dinner as I am having chips and steak, or having a chicken salad with fruit instead of a sandwich. Snacks tend to be fruit- or nut-based. And I’m not kicking myself if I eat something “bad”.

      All in all, I’d say that’s a win.

      I’m curious: do you have PCOS, too (I’m guessing so, from the Metformin)? If so, what kind of stuff do you do to combat yours – exercise and diet, or just the medication?

  2. I think I may have mentioned in my last comment (on another post) that I’ve started Optifast…if I didn’t, well, I started Optifast. Anyway, as much as the intensive phase weight loss sounds great, I simply couldn’t satisfactorily live on it for 12 weeks so have adapted it BIGTIME while still adhering close to the daily ‘Intensive Phase’ calorie allowance. My point is, I downloaded a calorie/exercise app and input EVERYTHING I eat and it’s amazing how many calories certain ‘healthy’ foods have! Of course they can be calorific yet healthy but trying to stick to a certain amount of calories in a day really highlights how easy it is to overeat. Out of curiosity, I entered everything I used to eat and was mortified I regularly ate between 3200-3600 calories a day! My BMR is now 1984 and I actively burn 800-900 calories a day so am hoping for some good results in a few months.
    I hope you find the south beach diet to give you the results you are seeking. Please keep us up to date, love your blog!
    Rachel 🙂

    1. Is it wrong that I laughed at “my BMR is now 1984”, while you’re inputting all your data into a calorie tracker? 🙂 BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU. /geek

      It should give you an impressive outcome, though! Keep me updating – I’d love to hear how well you get on with it. (Which app are you using for your data input?)

      South Beach Phase One is always hard, but worth it! I lost 8lbs in just over a week before adapting to Phase Two. I’m not entirely STRICTLY Phase Two, but more like modified Paleo/Primal/I’m not kicking myself in the nuts if I need to eat a sandwich for lunch if I can’t stomach a salad today, kind of modified Phase Two.

      It doesn’t help that I’m having the worst luck with my stomach lately. I’m in the middle of writing a post about it right now, actually. Ugh.

      Thanks for comment, as always. XD Much love. <3

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