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H2… oh!

Do you know what I miss?

I miss H2OH!.

When we were living in Ireland, when I was still attending Weight Watchers, they recommended it when it was first released, especially for those of us who were avid soda drinkers.

Admittedly, it was a little more expensive than soda, and a lot more expensive than regular bottled water, but it was carbonated, flavoured, water. As many calories as a diet soda, and I’m pretty sure it had added vitamins or something.

Thing is, as far as I’m aware, you can’t buy it here. I’ve never seen it in any of the shops, hell, I can barely find it on Google, except for in a foreign country in flavours I’ve never seen before (but would love to try).

[Edit]: With a little more Googling, apparently it’s Iranian? Jordanian? Middle Eastern, anyway, but apparently not in the UK. Boo.

See, since I’ve moved back, I’ve pretty much been living on diet soda – the occasional non-diet bottle, because Diet Cherry Coke and Diet Irn Bru leave a horrible taste in my mouth after I’ve been drinking them, like I haven’t brushed my teeth for three days.

And I’m really, really missing the H2Oh!. Scottish water’s by far better than the water from the Irish Midlands, but it’s still not great to drink it straight from the tap.

Maybe I’ll just start buying Volvic (mmm, Volvic) and cordial again, instead of soda. But it’s the fizz I like.

Also, I’m planning on doing some updating to the site – changing the layout, hopefully, streamlining a few things.

Fingers crossed I don’t screw anything up. 🙂

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10 thoughts on “H2… oh!”

  1. Why is it that Scotland's water isn't that good from the tap (it was brown where we went) and yet it's OK to drink the water in England?
    Boots and Superdrug do a really nice range or stuff like Shapers soda and Skinny Water

    1. Oh, Scotland's water's more than good enough – my sister's water's fantastic, and she just lives down the road from us – but the water that comes out of our tap tastes weird, to me at least. It's fine in tea and coffee or whatever, mixing it with cordial, but on its own… odd.

      "Skinny water: A low-calorie water, enhanced with a unique combination of ingredients."

      … isn't all water supposed to be zero calorie? XD;;;

  2. Mineral water+flavoured syrup. I'm pretty sure you can get flavoured syrups in 'diet' formats, just PLEASE make sure not to get any with aspartame – that stuff is worse for you than McDonald's.

    1. Definitely something I'll look out for, but I don't think I've ever seen flavoured syrup for mixing into water here. Milk, aye. Water… not so sure.

      But I will look. 🙂

  3. Carbonated water isn't an option? :

    Also – does Scotland sell PUR Filters, or the equivalent? little pitchers that have water filters in them, that you pour water in the top, let it go through, and then have filtered water? water around here is known to harbor e. coli, so I'm not so much interested in drinking it from the tap …

    I hear that the problem with diet drinks is that, because they taste sweet, they trick your brain into expecting a sugar rush that never appears – so they end up causing a burst of insulin that lowers your blood sugar and makes you hungry so you end up eating more. I don't remember my source, though. 😐

    1. Ew, carbonated water tastes like it's made with salt.

      Yeah, they sell the filters here, but it's only me that has the problem with the water. XD It's not enough of a problem to allow for the cost of the filter and stuff. It's not just you, though, I've heard that about the diet soda too, that it's almost as bad as proper soda for just the reasons you said. I seriously get such cravings for the stuff when I'm not drinking it.

      It's harder to kick than chocolate. I haven't had chocolate since New Year, I think. But a week without soda before Christmas, and I was like, "NO, I NEED SODA."

      I know there's something wrong there, but augh, trying to give up is hard!

  4. If you want fizzy flavoured water, why not get soda water and flavour it with diluteable? (Tesco sells really good double concentrated sugar free stuff – I'm particularly fond of mexican lime)

    1. I'm actually good with regular water and diluting juice! If it's flavoured water bought from the store, though, I have to buy the fizzy stuff, like H2OH! or Asda's own-brand fizzy flavoured water. Flavoured water with no carbonation just tastes odd! Like, the fake sweetness. Definitely leaves me with a strange taste in my mouth.

  5. You could try and cut out the fizzy altogether – it's bad for your teeth. (Says the total hypocrite who lately drinks an average of 1L of 49 cent diet Lidl Cola per day…)

    1. Yeah, my dentist told me to try and give up, because the acid's pretty bad.

      I started using Arm & Hammer with enamel reconstructy stuff lately, instead. I LIKE MY FIZZY JUICE TOO MUCH. D:

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