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[Guest Post] [Product Review] Weight Watchers by Conair Scales – Review by Cammie

At the start of August, I won a set of Weight Watchers by Conair Scales (model #WW24W) here on FATGIRLslim. I received the scale directly from Conair soon after I gave Tracy my shipping information.

I absolutely love this scale, not only because it is stylish but because it’s very functional as well. Model #WW24W is made from tempered safety glass which is durable, yet looks very modern, and has a digital read out that is large at 1.3 inches and the scales themselves can weigh up to 400lbs/182kg.

The scale was easy to set up: you just take it out of the box, pop in 3 AAA batteries (which come with it) and you are ready to go! To operate the scale you just tap on the surface, wait until the scale says 0.0, then stand on it.

I dreaded actually having to get in the scale to try it but, I put on my brave face, stepped on, and within seconds, the scale told me that I weighed 223.1lbs. The number, along with how fast it appeared, was a nice. It was also nice to be able to look down and see the numbers without having to squint to read them.

Everyone in my house has used this scale without difficulties. My Mother, who is more weight conscious since she had hip replacement surgery; my Mother’s boyfriend, who has trouble keeping weight on and needs to weigh in daily, and my daughter who is very active in sports and I need to make sure that she is keeping her weight steady since she is still growing.

I hope that my family and I get many more years’ use out of this scale! We really didn’t realize how beneficial it would be for us to have one.