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[Food Review] Philadelphia Light with Cucumber

[Disclaimer]: I bought this item from my own money for the purposes of this review. I was not expected to provide a positive review. I was not compensated for this review.

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FATGIRLslim | Philadelphia Light  With Cucumber [Product Review]

Although is telling my that it’s been on sale somewhere for at least seven months, I’ve never seen it before last night. I’d nipped down to ASDA to get some actual food for my fridge, since all I had left was some milk, some Branston pickle, and about three different kinds of cheese. (Hey, at least I could have Ploughman’s sandwiches?)

It was a choice between Philly Light with Cucumber, or with Salmon and Dill, and it was tough to choose, because I quite like salmon, but I don’t like dill, and I don’t really like cucumber, but I like cucumber and Philadelphia sandwiches or crackers, assuming the rind has been taken off. (I secretly think that I’m an old English gentleman. I need a tweed hunting jacket and a stately hound and I’m all set.)

So I went for the Cucumber.

And I wasn’t disappointed.


I honestly thought that the cucumber flavour would be entirely overpowering; that, perhaps, they’d use some weird kind of fake cucumber flavour to overcompensate for the fact that cucumber doesn’t really have an overpowering flavour.

But they didn’t. It’s extremely strange to try and explain the flavour, because you can taste the cucumber, and you can taste the secondary flavour of feta cheese (sorry, veggie people, it’s not suitable for you because of the feta cheese 🙁 ) and you can taste a wee hint of onion and garlic and it kind of melds into this really lovely flavour that’s still mostly cucumber, which means that I shouldn’t like it…

But I really, really did.

I had it, as you can see, on a slice of ASDA’s own wholemeal (or wholegrain? Can’t remember.) brown tin bread. The two flavours together were really lovely. I don’t have any white bread in the house at the moment, so I can’t comment on that, but I think it’d maybe taste really nice as a spread underneath maybe some chicken tikka slices or some home-made spicy shredded chicken or something like that?

Of course, you could always make a really lovely dip from it, if you know how. 😀


Overall, I was really impressed with it. The flavour was surprisingly subtle and delightful. It wasn’t overwhelming, and I highly doubt it would overpower anything it was paired with; I could see it being paired with chicken and fish dishes wonderfully.

The actual cheese seems to be a lot thicker, and less gloopy, than some other Philadelphia Lights, too (Philly Light with Cadbury’s, I’m looking at you here!), almost like the Original Philadelphia in consistency. I think it would make a really nice, thick sauce in the right hands.


★★★★☆ – loses 1 star because at £1.87 for 200g, it’s a wee bit on the expensive side, but taste-wise and consistency-wise, I can’t fault it. I’m also pretty sure it’d be awesome on crackers with a topping or something!

Nutritional Information

You can find the official nutritional information at the Philadelphia website here.

Screenshot from Philadelphia website. It wouldn’t let me change to male GDA… 🙁