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Fitness Inspiration: Prancercise®

I’m not entirely sure how I came across this on the big ole intarwebbes, but I apparently it’s gone viral, and is being considered “The Next Big Thing” in the world of exercise.

While I’m not entirely sure about that, I can tell you that it looks like a whole load of fun.

It’s called “Prancercise”.

The gist of it is to do your walk with a bit of flair and pizzazz. Enjoy yourself. Dance a little. Someone mentioned that it should look like a horse prancing, hence the name and the cover art.

Now, I don’t know about any of you, but I certainly feel like dancing when I walk down the street, depending on what music I’m listening to. Jesse McCartney’s Departure: Recharged album is amazing for giving that gotta dance feelin’, especially if the weather’s good.

I have an entire playlist of cheesy 80s/90s/pop music that I used to work out to – and that I hope to work out to again! – that I’ll post once I get the playlist uploaded to Spotify or 8track, that’s just full of songs that make me wanna dance down the street.

And I think that’s important.

There’s also this video of a woman dancing at a bus stop, apparently unaware that she’s being filmed.

I think that’s pretty inspiring, too. More people should dance. There’s that whole quote that starts, “Dance like no-one is watching [you].”

And that’s basically it.

I wish everybody could do that! Why don’t you? Put your music on tomorrow, whatever you’re doing, and just dance. And don’t care what anyone else is thinking! Because your music rocks, and dancing’s awesome, and so are you.