[Review Removed:] Fit… Finally!

Given the number of comments I’ve received on this review, I’ve decided to remove it. I do NOT want to promote a scam.

If there are any further comments re: your signing up and outcome from Fit Finally, please feel free to leave them below, in the hopes that others see them and decide against signing up.

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  1. Hi there! I just found your blog by searching for reviews of Fit…Finally. Question: Have you had an actual conversation with Betty? I ask because in my search for reviews, I discovered that her name is also being used to promote another diet site (Beyond Diet Central) using the same little chubby stick figures and a similar rundown of the steps.
    Furthermore, I also found that she has two sites debunking other weight loss products (Plexus and Lipozene) but on those websites she uses the same “statistics” to debunk each product. Both use the same chart saying that out of 12,638 respondents, 84.2% said the product didn’t work, etc.
    I was very close to buying “Fit…Finally” until I saw the Beyond Diet Central site. Are you having any luck with the program? I can’t figure out if this is a complete scam or not.

    1. I just found the same thing. I was looking into Plexus, ran across her info that led me here. I would love to know what you find out

        1. Angie, I would also like to know what you find,or if you go for it and purchase. I ran into the same thing as you and Kelly. As a person who has been scammed again and again, I am trying to be careful. Actually as soon as I saw a charge with “double money back guarantee” I should have just closed the site and walked away.

          1. I tried this program and got locked out of sign in I have contacted several times and asked for a refund because I’m not satisfied.. since I can’t even get access to any of it anymore…and get no reply after the first response. The first time she said there was a problem w the website and they would fix it. After that didn’t work they just quit reponding to me. So waste of money and they don’t back up their guarantee!!

          2. Sarah,
            Can you kindly comment again and tell everyone that your issue was resolved?

            In any case, for all future members, Sarah’s issue was resolved. It was due to a bad membership plugin I had, I changed that and there were no more login problems.

            I am attaching 2 screenshots of Sarah’s conversation with me about it… hope that clarifies my side of things. πŸ™‚

            My reply to Sarah:

            Sarah’s reply:

            For all folks who want to get in touch with me directly, just mail me at betty[at]


          3. Betty, thanks for commenting here and stepping in! Disqus hasn’t been sending me notifications since the last update – something in the settings that I changed and can’t figure out what, apparently. πŸ™‚

          4. Hi Betty – are you the same person for Eat 2 Lose and Beyond Diet – I didn’t see an answer to that question.

          5. Hi,
            ‘CMS’ is now one of my members, and I have already replied to her in one of our emails.

            And no, I am not the owner of the Beyond Diet, that’s run by Isabel De Los Rios, I had actually written a review for it couple of months ago, so people thought I was also the one running it…

          6. Betty, I am confused. I looked at the website (NOT De Los Rios’s website The website moderator’s name is Betty, mother of 2. The cartoon graphics are exact replicas of the graphics in Compare at (see the little blond girl with purple dress running the race) and at (see the exact same cartoon. So, the beyonddietcentral is NOT you? Why do they have the same cartoon? I was very close to trying your product but this makes me question it. Also, I’ve been having trouble locating independent reviews or stories outside of your website that will validate the claims made on your website.. Even here, it doesn’t appear that Tracy was able to adhere to the program long enough to see measurable success. Please respond. Thanks.

          7. Hi TXTeacher. I just looked into the Fit Finally program on Monday. I ended up asking for a refund 2 hours later…. This is going on day 4 of trying to get in contact with “Betty”….. being that she has yet to respond to any of my emails, questions on her website, and phone calls. Not only that, but the charge for the product in my account states that it will be REOCCURRING!!!! I’m beginning to think that this was an absolute mistake….

          8. Hi Brittany,
            As I explained in our private talk (and now to all others reading this), we had a terrible move to a new dedicated server just days before Brittany became a member. That itself wrecked havoc on our support emails and the site uptime, which lead to delays in replying (me being the single support person!)

            And Brittany no, the payments are not recurring. Never were. I have not charged a single recurring payment in the last 6 years. Period.

            Do let me know if you wanna talk further in our email…

          9. Hi Kristi,
            First of, are you the same Kristi who just signed up on my site couple of days ago? Anyhoo, I apologize for the delay in replying, somehow I didn’t get a notification for this comment.

            Yes that other site is mine too, it’s a very old one, and that’s why the similar images, and yes, I highly recommend Isabel’s program too… I don’t mind saying that when it’s REALLY good.

            Isabel’s program was what gave me a head start in the diet world, but later, once I formally started learning about Nutrition, I could see some gaps and ‘incompleteness’ in her program which ultimately led to the creation of my own.

            I have still kept that blog up because some people do still reach it and I also share some of my recipes and workouts with them, so it’s a useful blog for them.

            And finally, about independent reviews or news like thingies, sadly it’s a terrible world here, you don’t get “independent reviews” unless you are ready to pay (A LOT) upfront. I always try reaching out to food and fitness bloggers to review and try my program. But you’ll be astonished at the $ they ask simply for “giving it a try”!

            Do let me know if you wanna talk more…

          10. I’d like to know that too.. I don’t like the sounds of that :/

            I bought this programme and emailed Betty with a question, she responded very quickly, I was pleasantly surprised.. She was very pleasant and encouraging.. I got back to her with the info that she had requested from me and STILL have not received a response.. This was over a month ago now.. I emailed a few times and still nothing πŸ™ very disappointed as I now feel like I’m stuck.. I’ve requested a refund and may just apply that to the cost of plexus.. Ugh. I thought I’d found the answer. Feeling dejected and betrayed. I think I’m goi g to take a nutrition course with an online school.

          11. Well. Apparently Betty has dropped off the face of the earth??? I got my refund (just wiring for it to appear in my account), but I also got LOCKED OUT of the programme!??? So much for double guarantee! NO zone will answer me and since there is no customer support line or support email OTHER than Betty’s. I’m SOL. Very disappointed as I was going to try to continue through the programme without the response that I needed from Betty and was waiting for.
            Betty, this was my last hope, you seemed like such a nice and pleasant person when I corresponded with you. So helpful… Then nothing!? In order for me to get a refund you MUST have seen my email, so for you to ignore my other emails is just plain rude and bad business πŸ™ I feel like you are preying on the vulnerability of women desperate to lose weight.. Just like all those huge companies out there tha you bash.. If anything, you are WORSE because you claim to have been through this struggle yourself!?

            Btw everyone, Betty was helping me figure out my body type, she’d sent me an email saying that she could help me and said, “assuming that you’ve never fasted before?”, I explained that unfortunately I was no stranger to fasting, since I had suffered many years with an eating disorder, but that it was behind me now and I’d since gained a lot of weight and wanted to learn how to shed it in a healthy, lasting way.. TWO months now and many emails later and this is where I’m left at? I honestly can’t believe the treatment that I’ve received and I’ll make sure that everyone knows exactly what this program is about… MONEY!!!

          12. Betty did eventually contact me, with sincere apologies and now that everything seems to all be worked out, I’m about to jump on the program full steam ahead! I’ll ,et you all know how it turns out! Wish me luck!

          13. Thanks for updating your comment Dani, you know perfectly well why I was ‘away’. πŸ˜‰ Our little secret maybe, eh?

            all other folks, do remember that I am just a “one-person-venture”,
            and not like those multi-billion corps. So on some days, it does
            take a wee bit more time to reply (what with the family and
            everything), but reply I definitely do… πŸ™‚

          14. Hi Shawn,
            This is Betty and I have to say I am surprised as to where you found the “double your money back” guarantee on my site… coz I don’t have it ANYWHERE.

            My guarantee is usually for 60 days, but extended to a year in certain cases. That’s all, no double your money back or anything.

          15. It says right here on tracy’s review that ypu have a 60 day double money back guarantee

          16. Hi Emily…
            It says “double guarantee”. You get your money back AND you get to keep the program. There’s no mention of “double your MONEY back…”

          17. I think it’s misreading “double guarantee” as “double your money”. I’m hoping that your comments and my comment to Emily above will help clear up the problem… Oy. πŸ™

    2. I haven’t spoken-spoken to Betty; we’ve exchanged emails, though. And while I can’t say anything specific about the debunking websites, I have seen Beyond Diet at one point or another! But I’m fairly certain there was another name attached to it. Um… Lisa?

      But the product itself certainly doesn’t feel scam-y. It’s good, smart nutrition-based information and fitness, coupled with the aforementioned “secret ingredient” (not anything to do with pills or magic foods or anything, I promise!) to help boost weight loss. It is, as much as I understand, sound science.

      The other websites that her name comes up on is kind of… argh, though? That does kind of become annoying, doesn’t it? However, I’ve personally had no problems, and can’t say anything negative!

  2. You only reviewed on the first 2 weeks.. can we get an update? How much weight have you lost and how long have you been on the program? And @BettyIsFit it says right here on her review that you have a 60 day double money back guarantee..?

    1. Hi, Emily! First of all, sorry about taking so long to get back to you. Disqus, for some god-unknown reason, hasn’t been sending me my notifications. Something I did to settings after the last update, apparently. I’m having to go into the dashboard manually now!

      Yes, I have, so far, only reviewed the first two weeks. I did the last two weeks of the months and jumped off the wagon completely after the death of a very close friend at the start of the next month. And after that, I got into a relationship with someone who has just turned around and shown his true (ugly) colours, and… *sigh* Yes, not a good three months right now.

      I will be restarting Fit… Finally! next month, and will probably be doing a weekly vlog to accompany it. πŸ™‚ Hopefully it’ll be a lot more informative than simply two, two-week reviews.

      And re: Betty’s 60-Day Double Guarantee, it means that you can keep the programme and get your 100% of money back. Not double your money, though! That’d be bad business sense. πŸ™‚ Hope that helps!

  3. I am really disappointed with the Fit… Finally business. I initially purchased the basic package which consisted of Eat 2 Lose, 2 Sizes 2 Weeks, The Blue Print, and The Mind Game. After a couple weeks I decided to upgrade because I wanted access to the work-out, cravings control, and recipes. So I paid the $70 some dollars and got “almost” nothing but higher blood pressure. I was able to download the recipes, but right from the get-go, I was never able to access any of the other items and it would go back and forth from telling me I had not paid for them, to telling me I had and then when I clicked on the link, nothing would load. So I’d try it again and then it would tell me I did not have access again. I attempted to contact Betty – no response. I opened a ticket with ClickBank, issue was unable to be resolved. Finally, through ClickBank, I just requested a refund. At least I got my money back.
    For some dumb reason, I hadn’t learned. I tried one more time (and paid) to download the full program… clearly, I do believe her program to be a very intelligent and beneficial one… so maybe that is why I am so bent out of shape about it… Regardless, same thing – link to download/access program doesn’t work. I didn’t waste a few weeks this time, I requested a refund immediately.
    I really am pissed off about it. I had hit the point in my life where I was ready to poison my body to lose weight. I was looking the proverbial “chemical sh*t-storms” of diet/weight loss/appetite suppressant pills. That is how I stumbled across her program. What she was writing and saying, in plan English, about how she was feeling and why she developed her program… it was like she had peeked inside my head and recorded everything I feel and think. She was an echo of my own thoughts/feelings/etc.
    I am extremely difficult to convince when it comes to joining/paying for programs. In fact, I have NEVER paid for any program to lose weight/get fit/etc. Her written words rang so personal for me that I was finally convinced… and I got burned. I’m disappointed and I’m feeling let down πŸ™

    1. I am having the same experience! Wish I had done better research and found your post before I wasted my money and got my hopes up. πŸ™

          1. When I tried to purchase, it went through this “clickbank” thing. After you purchase you should get some kind of confirmation email. There should be a link within the email you get from clickbank you can select if there is a problem. Or look for something within the email you get for customer service.

    2. SJ – oops, my apologies. Your comment seems to have gotten lost in my overflowing inbox, and I only noticed it when I saw NR’s comment above. Given the comments from QUITE A FEW of the people on here, I’ve decided to remove the review in its entirety, and have replaced it with a message to read the comments so that others don’t fall prey to the same misfortune. Sorry you’ve had this experience, but thank you for letting me know about it so we can warn others.

  4. I just purchased through Betty Fit Finally and it is a SCAM. I received NOTHING. I emailed “Betty”, opened a dispute through PayPal and still have not received a response. I will have to escalate the dispute to a claim to try to get my money back. This was so disappointing. I was so excited to get some help with becoming healthy, and now I just got totally scammed. Wow, I was so dumb. I should have known better.

    1. N.R. – thank you for your comment, and I’m so sorry that you’ve had this problem. In light of your comment, and a few others on this review, I’ve removed the review in its entirety and left a message to check the comments, in the hopes that others don’t have the same misfortune. Thanks for letting me know about your troubles – and sorry again.

  5. Ugh!! This is just the thread I worried I’d find. I purchased The Fit Finally digital package and I too received nothing. I have opened up a fraudulent purchase dispute with my bank because my numerous e-mails have gone unanswered. I am really disappointed. Her site bears seals of approval from many trusted financial institutions – I may have to sick them on Betty and her deceitful practices if I can not make head way myself. πŸ™

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