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Fatso’s First WANT Post

What better way to start off a new blog than with a post of OH MY GOD I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE THIS FOR A CHRISTMAS PARTY?

Never mind that I am not currently employed and therefore do not actually have a Christmas party to go to. I would wear it on Christmas Day to my family dinner, and I would look fabulous:

Changes Cornelli Prom Dress (£56) in black/pink

What would I wear with it?

Bordello Bow Detail Platform Shoe (£70)

Because I think that leopard (it says cheetah, but it’s definitely leopard) prints go with everything black or red or pink.

And if I could afford any of it, I’d get this clutch to match the shoes:

Marta Jonsson Clutch Bag (£110)

But because we all know I’m totally poor, I’d be more likely to get this equally stunning one to go with the dress instead:

Ravel Exclusive Clutch Bag (£20)

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