So, I finished my third night at Curves last night, and boy, am I really feeling three days' worth of exercise in my right knee today.

See, when I was in Scotland, I got diagnosed with an effusion in my right knee. Big swelling, occasional numbness, hasn't made an appearance since I left college, even when I was doing the exercise mat and the videos and the walking and all during the summer. And yet here it is. Looking at mayoclincic.com, it's a swelling in/of or around the medial meniscus. Whatever. It went away in college when I continued doing the walking. So, it will have 3 more days of rest (4 including today) and I will continue to do my exercise as paid for and planned. Only 2 of the machines really use the knees anyway – the leg curls and the squats. The other one (the gynaecologist's machine, as I've come to affectionally term it which is going to give me killer inner thighs) doesn't really need me to bend my knees. In fact, I'd really rather not bend my knees on it at all.

Oh well. We shall see how it goes come Wednesday. If nothing else, I can take it easy on the knee machines. Do my stretches properly, make sure I really don't hurt myself. Because that? Would be worse than having minor water-on-the-knee stiffness.

It's to be expected, right? First major exercise since HIGH SCHOOL.

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