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Monthly Measurements: June 2015

Neck: 16″ Upper arm R: 21″ (+1") Upper arm L: 20.5″ (+0.5") Wrist R: 7.25″ (+0.25") Wrist L: 7.25″ (+0.25") Bust: 62 (+3”) Bra band: 55” (+3”) Waist: 58” (-0.5”) Hips: 70″ (-2”) Upper thigh R: 33.5″ (-1”) Upper thigh L: 34″ (-0.5") Calf R: 20 (-0.5)″ Calf L: 21.5″ Ankle R: 11″ (+0.5”) Ankle… Continue reading Monthly Measurements: June 2015

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In Which I Timehop

Apologies in advance to anyone who has Podophobia. This post contains a photo of my feet during a weigh-in! I don't know about you, but I rue the day I installed the Timehop app. It's not exactly like I have a whole lot of my life public, other than the stuff pertaining to FATGIRLslim, but… Continue reading In Which I Timehop