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In Which Fatso Retains Water

So, I think I figured out the weight gain yesterday. I mean, other than the fact that we've been eating convenience meals all week. That part I'd figured out for myself. The part that only made itself obvious today. Today, my ankles have swollen to the approximate size of the galaxy. And I don't mean,… Continue reading In Which Fatso Retains Water

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we’re right back in the water

I'm going to pretend like I don't sing that Jesse McCartney song (Right Back In The Water - has nothing to do with swimming!) every time I'm writing something up for this category. 🙂 It'll be a lie, but I'm going to pretend, anyway. Back to the pool tonight again, and the usual bunch were… Continue reading we’re right back in the water

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Dig that water baby!

I don't even know. I'm running out of ideas for the titles of my posts. ANYWAY, haha, there is a point to it: I went swimming today for the first time since the end of last summer. It was a nice idea I got into my head today, and it just wouldn't quit. I wanted… Continue reading Dig that water baby!

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H2… oh!

Do you know what I miss? I miss H2OH!. When we were living in Ireland, when I was still attending Weight Watchers, they recommended it when it was first released, especially for those of us who were avid soda drinkers. Admittedly, it was a little more expensive than soda, and a lot more expensive than… Continue reading H2… oh!