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Weekly Weigh-in(s): October 26, 2010

Apparently, I didn't post last week, which is pretty annoying, really, when I was pretty sure that I had. Apologies for that. I logged in tonight to find the draft still sitting in WordPress going, "Hey, remember me? I'm the post you thought you'd finished and posted last week? Whatcha gonna do about me? Huh,… Continue reading Weekly Weigh-in(s): October 26, 2010

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Weekly Weigh-In: June 7, 2010

28st 7lbs(399lbs/180.98kg) -2lbs -14lb (-6.35kg) 254lbs (115.21kg) to go I'm going to start by pointing out the three most important things about the above numbers: I lost my first stone this week. I got my second Silver 7™ and I NO LONGER WEIGH 400lbs I'll admit, I wasn't expecting a huge loss this week. I… Continue reading Weekly Weigh-In: June 7, 2010

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In Which Fatso Zumbas A Little

28st 12lbs(404lbs/183.25kg) -3lbs -9lb (-4.08kg) 259lbs (117.48kg) to go Not sure why, but I'm very tired tonight, so I'll make the weigh-in short and sweet. 28st 12lbs I grinned from ear-to-ear. My first Silver Silver™ this time around, and I got the little bell rung for me, and I'm 5lbs away from losing a stone.… Continue reading In Which Fatso Zumbas A Little