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Weekly Weigh-In: May 13, 2019

Maybe it's not just a case of it being hard and me not knuckling down and getting on with it. Maybe it's a case of understanding how much easier my life'll be when I can walk more than 50 metres without my back being in agony.

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In Which I’m Actually Losing Weight

© Clickamericas | Dreamstime.com - Fruits At The Market Photo Well, what do you know? It is still possible for me to lose weight. I've been losing weight this past week and few days. Now, I said that I was going to do South Beach, but after a week (minus the weekend) of Phase One,… Continue reading In Which I’m Actually Losing Weight

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In Which Tracy Is Not A Computer

(But sort of wishes she was.) A post in which I talk about how annoyed I am at still gaining weight, despite eating less than 2,000 calories a day; what I plan to try to do about it; and when I'm coming back from break. Fun fact: the best part of doing a vlog is… Continue reading In Which Tracy Is Not A Computer

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Weigh-in #43: October 22 2013

First off: happy third anniversary to my big sister, Linda, and my brother-in-law, Greg! Now weighing-in using theOzeri Precision II Digital Bathroom Scales! -6.6lbs -43.5lbs since Jan 1 2013 343.2lbs   I managed to scrape past my DietBet goal weight by 0.1lbs. It couldn't get much closer than that! Whew. But I did it! 4%… Continue reading Weigh-in #43: October 22 2013

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Competition: FATGIRLslim’s DietBet

If you've never heard of DietBet, it's a social dieting game, a "DietBet", where people put money into a pot, attempt to lose 4% (or more) of their body weight in 28 days, and those who succeed in the end, split the pot among the winners! Some statistics: 85% of participants lose 4.5 lbs on… Continue reading Competition: FATGIRLslim’s DietBet