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Weekly Weigh-In: May 13, 2019

Maybe it's not just a case of it being hard and me not knuckling down and getting on with it. Maybe it's a case of understanding how much easier my life'll be when I can walk more than 50 metres without my back being in agony.

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Weekly Weigh-In: April 22, 2019

I am probably literally eating myself to death. A few years ago, I'd have been fine with that, to be honest, after Zero died. But I've finally hit a point where I actually care about what happens to me. I care that I'd in pain all the time. I care that I feel like crap when I eat the wrong types of food. I have my back pain, my migraines, I have bowel issues, I have a mutant leg which is worse than it ever was, and my foot's so swollen that I can't get it into my trainers on some days.

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I’ve Finally Recovered From Spinfit

As you may have read, I went back to Spinfit on Friday. I've only today recovered from the 30-minute workout. See, I was going to go to the gym after finishing class, but honestly? I came out of the room, sat down on the stairs, and I thought I was going to die. Therefore I… Continue reading I’ve Finally Recovered From Spinfit

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Slimming World Weigh-in – April 20 and April 27, 2017

Slimming World Weigh-In: April 20 +1.5lbs 408lbs -6lbs since April 6, 2017 Slimming World Weigh-In: April 27 -3lbs 405lbs -9lbs since April 6, 2017 I really ought to check my blog when I think I've updated with my weigh-in; most of the time, I haven't. I'm now into week four of Slimming World (if we… Continue reading Slimming World Weigh-in – April 20 and April 27, 2017

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In Which I’ve Got The Dreaded Lurgy

I can't believe it's the end of November already. Dad went up the loft today to bring down... dun dun dun... THE CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS. We probably won't put them up until NEXT weekend or so, or whenever Mum gets her strength back, but since we already have gifts to wrap, we needed the wrapping paper… Continue reading In Which I’ve Got The Dreaded Lurgy