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[Clothing Review] Beth Ditto for Evans Heart-Print Bubble Skirt

Beth Ditto for Evans Heart-Print Bubble Skirt

This is the thing I was waiting to talk about, that was taking so long to arrive. I ordered it at about 1am on December 8, selected it to be delivered on December 9, and I finally got it delivered last Friday, December 17.

Don’t ask; I don’t even know what took so long. Two different courier services, a lot of snow, a bit of a screw-up on Evans‘ part, I don’t know. They were gracious enough to refund me my shipping, which I’m very thankful for, because let’s face it: that was a bit ridiculous.

And, do you know what, after all that?

I’m not entirely impressed.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love the skirt. I love the design and the shape and the print. I love pretty much all of the Beth Ditto for Evans collections, and I wish with all my little Fat Heart that I could have afforded more than ONE item out of both collections, but this skirt is so disappointing.

For one thing, the size is SO unforgiving. It’s made of an inflexible 100% viscose material – which I should have noticed before I bought it – and there is NO stretch to the actual skirt. The bottom of my skirt, as you can see in the picture, seems to be wider than the top, but you can’t wear it upside-down. So, until I lose a bit (okay, a LOT) more weight, I can’t wear this skirt anywhere that I plan to sit down.

If it had been made of a jersey material, it may not have held its shape as well, but it would have fit much better.

It’s also paper-thin. I mean, if I was wearing white underpants, I’m pretty sure you’d be able to see them through the skirt. Maybe it won’t be an issue when it’s not so tight on me, but it is very VERY thin. I should never have to think, “I’ll wear a pair of tights underneath it and it’ll be fine.” I should be able to wear it WITHOUT tights, and it should be fine, too.

Other than that…

Other than that, I love it.

Like I said: I love the print. I love the shape, I love the print. I love the style.

It doesn’t fit me, and I’m not sending it back, that’s how much I love it. I’m going to keep it until it fits me.


I bought the Beth Ditto For Evans Heart Print Bubble Skirt from Evans Clothing with my own funds, without the intention of reviewing it. It just sort of ended up this way! I received no monetary compensation for doing so, but if you choose to use my links to Evans Clothing, and purchase something from the site, then I will receive a tiny affiliate’s fee for your doing so. This is no way affects your purchase.

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