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The Weight Watchers Weekly Weigh-In: January 12, 2016

-5lbs since December 8, 2015

It was one of those weeks this week.

On top of being sick, Mum and Dad decided to take this week to redecorate the parts of the house I don’t live in, and Mum works hard, let me tell you. What does that mean? Why does it affect me, my eating, and my weight loss?

Because Mum does the cooking in the house. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m in pain standing up making tuna-mayo for a sandwich and the subsequent sandwich (I can walk for a while without the same level of pain, but standing? Nah.) so making entire meals is out of the window most of the time.

We’ve eaten a lot of convenience foods this week – not takeaways, although I’ve had one for myself – like stuff you just throw in the oven type foods. Pasta bakes. Burgers. Those types of foods. I mean, we cook the burgers in the George Foreman grill, it’s not like we fry them in butter or anything. We try to do the best we can in bad situations.

But sitting in my Weight Watchers meeting, post weigh-in, I was explaining how I could have made better decisions. I was expecting to have gained back those pounds I lost over Christmas, because I could have done the cooking; I could have chosen not to eat the foods that my parents did – or hell, cooked for my parents. But pain and laziness meant that I didn’t. I chose to eat cheap, nutrient-deficient foods. I chose to use my exercise Points (FitPoints) and weekly SmartPoints, and hope that the plan worked out properly – because ProPoints didn’t.

Luckily, it works just fine, apparently! I used most of my weekly SmartPoints and my FitPoints but not all of them.

So I got lucky this week.

Thank the New Year, New You gods.