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The Weight Watchers Weekly Weigh-In: December 8, 2015

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So, a wee while ago, The Daily Mel mentioned something about Weight Watchers (that’s an affiliate link, btw!) having something up their sleeve… something even bigger, in terms of change, than when they released the “Your Way” plan last year (which involved being able to choose from a variety of plans, including low carb, high carb, veggie? I think, etc.) just after I stopped attending again because I fecking HATED ProPoints.

So after she posted “Welcome To Beyond The Scale: Three Weeks On SmartPoints” last night, I checked whether or not UK Weight Watchers were releasing SmartPoints, and sure enough, it was up on the website.

I signed up for three months’ monthly pass there and then, last night. None of this giving up after two or three weeks malarky. Not this time.

Of course, it means I’m back to focusing on a number on the scale, as well as measurements, AND food, AND how I’m feeling about myself and what I’m eating and stuff (right now? Like crap.) but the important thing is that I rejoined. I’m not gonna let myself sit around and complain that what I’m eating, although it’s only about 2,000 calories a day and I SHOULD EFFING BE LOSING WEIGHT BECAUSE IT’S WAY UNDER MY BMR, is healthy enough, and why am I not losing weight?

So I’m going to do my best to actually lose weight, for a change.

Maybe I can start living up to the name of the blog again.

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