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Weekly Weigh-in: October 28, 2014

28th October 2014
0lbs since October 28, 2014

It’s been One Of Those Days today. The kind that tried its best to defeat me.

It didn’t quite manage, although, as I said, it tried. It started with me waiting half an hour for a bus that was never going to show up, due to a funeral that was blocking both sides of the road so the bus couldn’t make its usual route.

Then, when we’d walked four bus stops ahead to catch the bus down there… the blockage had cleared, of course, and we needn’t have walked ahead at all. OH WELL.

Then, I went into town to get an upgrade on my phone, and spent more than an hour in the phone store while the computer threw up an error that, hand on heart, the customer service guy had never seen before in his life. I almost managed to get my upgrade for free when the computer errored in my favour, but no such luck.

Then my old phone wouldn’t work because they’d had to call the activation in, in the store, and it was supposed to take 24 hours. It took about 24 minutes. When I tried to call for a taxi to take me home, my old phone was barred from making calls while my new phone was still securely snug in its box, and its SIM card was at the bottom of my backpack.

I got home, had something to eat, and sat and talked to Mum for a while, trying to ignore the mounting migraine. Then, time for Weight Watchers.

When I got to Weight Watchers?

My leader had forgotten the charger for the scales, which had stopped working, so she was off trying to find the charger at home while her assistants set up shop. Then the scales started working, sans charger. But because the leader wasn’t there, nobody stayed. Except for me, of course, because it was my first week and I needed to pick up my things.

Even after the leader arrived, NOBODY STAYED. >:(

(She said it was really unusual, and it’s a very busy class. Fingers crossed for next week.)

But I got weighed in, and it’s not as bad as I thought. Considering it was the evening, and I was fully clothed and I still had my shoes on, and it could have always, always have been a lot worse.

Anyway, I’ve got my folder, I’ve got a Journal, I’ve got the App for a calculator, I’ve got the list of (what basically amounts to Core Plan foods, and what once was called Simply Filling, but is now called) Filling & Healthy foods.

Now we can get started.


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In Which Tracy Rejoins Weight Watchers

25th October 2014

It Finally Happened.

I was lucky enough to have a little extra money at the end of this month, so what did I do with it?

I’ll tell you what my body and brain were wanting to do with it, post-The New You trial: I wanted to go and buy a whole load of junk food and pig out. I’m annoyed with myself, because I wanted, once I was finished with The New You Plan, to continue the ketosis, and be okay with not feeling hungry between meals.

I thought that one day of eating food wouldn’t be that bad.

Oy. Sometimes I think I’ll never learn.

That’s why I actually let the smart part of my brain override the stupid part of my brain for once. I was sitting in front of my computer, and I did what I should have done a long time ago:

I logged onto Weight Watchers‘ website. And I signed up for the Monthly Pass (which, if you’re unfamiliar with the Weight Watchers’ system, is the way of paying monthly so you can attend any class without having to pay at the class, but you can only get weighed at one meeting a week) which gives me access to meetings and the app and all.

Now, the app’s lovely… sort of. You can scan in an item and sometimes it’ll be in the database. But the actual database needs serious updating. MyFitnessPal’s database is effing awesome. Weight Watchers’? Not so much.

But the point is that I’m going to be going to meetings again. I’m going to get weighed on a proper scale every Monday evening again.

(If you see a serious, serious increase on Monday night, please be aware of two things: I normally weigh in first thing in the morning without having eaten anything and I normally weigh in naked; and post-The New You Plan, I’ve probably regained everything due to not following guidelines for coming off of a VLC Diet properly…

That said, I’m looking forward to getting back to meetings. My tracking’s been iffy this week, as we’ve been missing a few details for trackable items – one of the problems with the ProPoints plan is that it completely ignores calories, and some of the older books ONLY give calories and fat, THANKS FOR THAT, WEIGHT WATCHERS – so while I’m still within ProPoints because of weeklies, and I don’t know what I weighed last week, I guess we’ll have to see how it goes, from Monday onwards.

It’ll be interesting, to say the least, especially considering how it went when I first started on the ProPoints plan.

Annoyingly, I know that my body works best on a low-carb, high-protein plan. >:/

Dear body: please pay attention to what works for you. Thanks.

Ozeri, review

[Product Review] 4×3 Sport Digital Pedometer by Ozeri

21st October 2014

FATGIRLslim | 4x3 sport Digital Pedometer by Ozeri [Product Review]

The 4x3 Sport Digital Pedometer by Ozeri

I was given the opportunity to test the 4x3 sport Digital Pedometer by Ozeri, and I jumped at the chance, because it is reported to be almost as accurate as pedometers priced well beyond its price range (at least, that’s what Outdoor Gear Lab says).

Now, I had a video of the setup. I had photos up the wazoo. I had photos of the walk I went on, with the comparison video of the 4x3 sport versus Noom Walk’s pedometer on my phone.

And then something happened with the external SD card on my phone, and, uh. I don’t have them anymore. I don’t even have the packaging anymore, so… I apologise that the review is sorely lacking in photographs.

The 4x3 comes with a few things in the box: it comes with a teeny tiny screwdriver for if you need to replace the battery (a CR2032, which is one of those wee watch batteries), a clip/holster for the pedometer so you can clip it onto your shirt, pocket, backpack handle, or whatever, and a short lanyard with a crocodile clip on the end.

FATGIRLslim | 4x3 sport Digital Pedometer by Ozeri [Product Review]

Yeah, it’s about that length.

It’s easy to set up, moreso if you use the USER MANUAL that also comes with it.

4x3 sport Digital Pedometer by Ozeri: Accuracy

As far as I can tell, the 4x3 sport Digital Pedometer by Ozeri is a little overeager. Either that, or my phone is a little undereager. I tried to count how many steps I did (it was a simple walk from the bus stop to the house, both pedometers zeroed out before I started, both in my pocket) but obviously my head goes off in a different direction when I walk, so my count’s useless. My phone came up with something like 450 steps, while the 4x3 sport Digital Pedometer by Ozeri came up with over 600 steps.

Unless I had someone else with another pedometer, I couldn’t say exactly, or unless I did the walk again and again, or if I actually counted my own steps to the letter, but Google Maps clocks it in at 0.2 miles. According to this Yahoo! Answers question, an “average” adult male should make 0.2 miles in 350 steps. But as I’m not an “average adult male”, the Ozeri might be the more correct answer.

TMI? The chub rub between my thighs means I need to take smaller steps than I’d take if I had thinner thighs. It probably shortens my stride by about 5 or 6 inches. I’m not being scientific about this, because I don’t know what my stride is when I’m healthy. I’m guessing.


Overall, I quite like the 4x3 sport Digital Pedometer by Ozeri. The design is sleek, like a 21st Century pager. It’s easy to set up, easy to use, and has an easy-to-reference user manual on its 5 modes (steps, steps to target, calories burned, distance walked, and time spent exercising). The two clips (lanyard and holster clip) mean that you’re not likely to lose it if you clip it on, but they’re also easily removed if you just want to slip it into your pocket, unnoticed, for a day at work. It shouldn’t make too much of VPL (visible pedometer line), given its slim build.

However, the fact that I’m not entirely sure about its accuracy means I can’t award the full amount of stars. The fact that it has a complete array of modes, though, means that it gets:

Awarded: ★★★★☆


The 4x3 sport Digital Pedometer by Ozeri is available at It retails for £39.99, but is currently on sale at £19.99 as of time of publishing (Oct 21 2014).


I was given 1 (one) 4x3 sport Digital Pedometer by Ozeri in return for an honest and unbiased review. I was not compensated in any other way. The link to is an affiliate link, and, if any items are purchased, I may receive an affiliate’s compensation for your purchase. This will, in no way, affect your purchase.

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[Product Review] The New You Plan – Part Two

8th October 2014

As I said last week, I was recently, and kindly, invited to trial one week of The New You Plan, a Total Meal Replacement diet, or a VLCD.

I started the diet last Wednesday, unintentionally coinciding with the start of October.

In case you’re unaware of what a VLCD diet is, and what a Total Meal Replacement diet entails… it’s all in the name. A Very Low Calorie Diet is a diet where you eat Total Meal Replacement Foods in order to achieve a caloric intake of usually below 1000 kcal per day. This is (usually) also done in an attempt to get your body into ketosis, by consuming <60mg carbohydrates per day.

Please note, before we go any further, that my experience(s) on The New You Plan are individual, and should not be expected of every individual who decides to start using The New You Plan‘s products. You should consult your doctor before starting any diet or exercise plan, in case of any contraindications.

The New You Plan: The Before


Unfortunately, I forgot to take a “before” shot, so please don’t hate me for using one of my older 2014 ones for comparison.

FATGIRLslim | April 10 2014 Progress #1 FATGIRLslim | April 10 2014 Progress #2


  • Neck: 15.75″
  • Upper Arm (R): 20″
  • Upper Arm (L): 19.5″
  • Lower Arm (R): 13″
  • Lower Arm (L): 13″
  • Bust: 60″
  • Under Bust: 49″
  • Waist: 56.5″
  • Hips: 69.5″
  • Thigh (R): 34.5″
  • Thigh (L): 34.5″
  • Calf (R): 20″
  • Calf (L): 21.5″
  • Ankle (R): 11″
  • Ankle (L): 13″
  • Wrist (R): 7.5″
  • Wrist (L): 7.75″

The New You Plan: My Week

The Food

What I received for my week on The New You Plan is as follows:

2 x Beautiful Banana Shakes
2 x Very Nice Vanilla Shakes
2 x Creamy Chocolate Shakes
2 x Sensational Strawberry Shakes
2 x Heavenly Hazelnut Shakes

2 x Vegetable Soups

4 x Chicken Noodle Curry (constantly incorrectly referred to throughout the videos below as “spicy noodle curry”; I’m extremely sorry about this!)

4 x Pasta Carbonara

4 x Chocolate Cream Cookie Bars
4 x Chocolate Hazelnut Bars

I also received 3 x Cool Mint Breath Strips and 1 x Pink Lemonade New You Flavoured Water, and a water bottle/mixing jug (pink) with wire shaker, in addition to the actual meal replacement products.

Unlike some other meal replacement programs I’ve tried (*cough*TheBiggestLoser*cough*) I had no problem with powdery foods here. The foods on The New You Plan (that weren’t bars; obviously the bars weren’t powdery!) mixed well, even in the case of the Chicken Noodle Curry and Pasta Carbonara meals, which I mixed with a fork or spoon instead of with the mixing jug. The only one I had a problem with was the vegetable soup, on the last day, where I obviously hadn’t mixed it properly, and it was still very lumpy.

That said, that was probably my fault, as the first vegetable soup I made came out fine.

Rather than boring y’all with how the food all tasted and giving it stars as is my usual, etc, I went ahead and did a YouTube vlog all week at the end of the day, talking about the foods, how they tasted, and how I felt during the days. Hopefully these’ll work better than hundreds of words of my babbling. :)

The New You Plan: The Vlog

The New You Plan: The After


  • Neck: 15.75″
  • Upper Arm (R): 20″
  • Upper Arm (L): 19″ (-0.5″)
  • Lower Arm (R): 12.5″ (-0.5″)
  • Lower Arm (L): 12.5″ (-0.5″)
  • Bust: 59″ (-1″)
  • Under Bust: 49″
  • Waist: 55″ (-1.5″)
  • Hips: 69″ (-0.5″)
  • Thigh (R): 34″ (-0.5″)
  • Thigh (L): 34.5″
  • Calf (R): 19.5″ (-0.5″)
  • Calf (L): 21″ (-0.5″)
  • Ankle (R): 11″
  • Ankle (L): 12″ (-1″)
  • Wrist (R): 7.5″
  • Wrist (L): 7.5″ (-0.25″)

Now, if I’ve calculated that correctly (and there’s a good chance I haven’t! :P), then that’s a total of 7.25″ I’ve lost in total, all over my body. There’s places I don’t usually measure, and, as I warned at the start, these kind of results aren’t typical. I’m really prone to water retention, especially on my left-hand side, so a lot of the inch-losses here could be down to that, or something as simple as moving the tape a half-inch in the wrong direction, although I did strive to keep it in the same place as last week.


FATGIRLslim | October 8 2014 Progress #1 FATGIRLslim | October 8 2014 Progress #2

I’m not sure if you can really tell a difference – especially as the other photos are from earlier this year. I wish I’d thought to get a “before” shot last week, but at least I’ve got these ones, now. But I bet y’all want to know how I got on with the weigh-in, then, don’t you?

Fine. Lay on, MacDuff!


Weighed 388.6lbs at October 1st 2014 Weigh-in

Again: these results are not typical. Especially if you don’t weigh as much as I do. If you only weigh 18st and you start a VLCD, don’t go expecting to lose this amount of weight in your first week. Be extremely surprised and happy if you do, but don’t expect it.

Hell, I didn’t. That’s almost as much weight as I lost on the first two weeks of The South Beach Diet. TWO WEEKS. It is, officially, the most week I’ve ever lost in a week.

A lot of it’s probably water-retention weight, but you need to get rid of that, just as much as you need to get rid of the extra fat. It’s why you lose so much in your first week. And usually only your first week.

But I was beyond thrilled when I saw the number pop up on the scale.

The New You Plan: The Results

So, what do I think of The New You Plan?

Well, it definitely works. Looking at the numbers above, I think we can’t argue about that. But it only works if you don’t cheat. Amazingly, I wasn’t tempted to cheat, even once. My hunger ebbed and flowed, but the food sated me, despite being a portion size about a third of what I usually eat for breakfast. And I know that doesn’t sound at all appetising or intriguing, but portion sizes are also a huge problem, never mind our intake of carbohydrates.

The plan is nutritionally complete. When you’ve eaten your four – yes, four – meals for the day, you’ll not only no longer be hungry until the morning, but you’ll have taken in your full range of vitamins and minerals for the day, without having overeaten. Most of us can’t do that even while overeating. I know I certainly can’t.

The range of foods, I’ll admit, could be greater. There’s only one hot breakfast option available, but I don’t know if it’s possible to use not-quite-boiling water in your shakes instead of cold water, to have a hot hazelnut, hot chocolate, or hot vanilla shake. There are plenty more foods available on the website than I received, as I was only given a week’s supply, but that was my one worry when thinking about if I was to do the plan on a more permanent basis.


Overall, the foods tasted lovely. The weakest of the bundle that I received, in texture and taste, was the vegetable soup, but as I’m not a huge vegetable/vegetable soup fan, this may have simply been a case of me being biased. The shakes, despite being water-made, mixed up quite thick and creamy, and didn’t leave a horrible after-taste in the back of your mouth. The bars were chewy, filling, and, in the case of the Chocolate Cream Cookie bar, also delightfully crunchy where it counted. The Pasta Carbonara, I could have happily eaten every night.

I finally managed to get the Pink Lemonade Water Flavour correct on the final day. :) When made correctly, it really tastes wonderful, and doesn’t leave any white lumps at all!

Verdict | Flavour: ★★★★☆
Verdict | Selection: ★★★☆☆

Ease of Use

Ease of use honestly couldn’t be easier. After receiving your physician’s approval, you order your items, and when they arrive, you eat them to the exclusion of all other foods. You’re allowed up to 250ml of milk per day for tea/coffee, but it’s not recommended, as getting your body into ketosis is a finicky thing in itself, and milk can throw it out. Meals and shakes etc mix with water; bars and snacks etc are eaten as they are.

It really doesn’t get any easier than that.

Please note that I’m not saying that it’s easy to suddenly eat less than 1,000 kcal per day. I’m just saying that it’s an easy program in terms of convenience. It’s actually a serious test of willpower. :) One that I know you can beat.

Verdict | Ease of Use: ★★★★★

Outcome of Diet

I do believe that the After measurements and weigh-in speak for themselves: if you stick to the plan, you will get the desired outcome. Find foods that you enjoy on the plan, and it makes it easier to stick to, too. I found myself looking forward to Pasta Carbonara night, after all, despite the fact it was a smaller portion than Chicken Noodle Curry night, and you’d think that I’d prefer the bigger portion. Nope!

I have to issue the words of caution re: ketosis, again, though: The New You Plan is all about putting your body into ketosis, which is a natural and safe way to lose weight. If you cheat, at all, then you run the risk of throwing it out of ketosis, or just never getting into ketosis, which means that all of the VLCD foods are a waste of your time. Stick at it. Don’t cheat. Drink your 500-750ml of water (dependant on body size) between each of your four meals. Eat your four meals.

And you will see the results you want.

Verdict | Diet Outcome: ★★★★★


In the interests of full disclosure: I received no monetary compensation for this review. I received a box of one week’s worth of products from The New You Plan via my contact, Barry, in return for an honest and unbiased review on FATGIRLslim. As of the date of publication, there are no outgoing affiliate links to The New Plan in this post.

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[Product Review] The New You Plan – Part One

1st October 2014

I was contacted last week by a gentleman at The New You Plan, to see if I wanted to try out their Total Food Replacement Plan.

Given that I’ve never tried out a Total Food Replacement Plan, I obviously gave the answer: hell yes, please put me into ketosis. (Only more polite, and with better words and sentences.)

The New You Plan is a Very Low Calorie Diet, which relies on Total Food Replacement packets, including soups, shakes, bars, porridges, etc, to replace your daily food intake with nutritionally complete food, which has calories as low as 800kcal. For a normal person looking to start on The New You Plan, they would continue to eat these meal replacements until such time as they hit their goal weight, and then they’d carefully go into what’s called “refeeding” or maintenance mode, where food is slowly reintroduced into the diet so you can maintain your weight.

The idea of The New You Plan is to put your body into ketosis, which is the metabolic state where your body burns ketone bodies in the blood as a source of energy, instead of carbohydrates from carb-rich foods, meaning that your body will basically be eating itself instead of sourcing energy from your food. It’s not as scary as it sounds, and it’s actually one of the more/most perfect and perfectly healthy ways of losing weight. (It’s just an absolute bugger for me, because I love sugar, carbs, salt, donuts, soda, crisps, etc…)

FATGIRLslim | The New You Plan - Part One
Contents of the week’s box – including a wee surprise of a mixing bottle, some water flavouring, and some breath strips, as well as the week’s food.


I received a week’s worth of products from The New You Plan, in return for an unbiased, honest review. I received no payment, nor will I receive any. As of date of publication (October 1 2014) none of the links in this post are affiliate links (except any green in-text links).