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Don’t People Know What A Swimming Pool’s For?

28th November 2015

Here’s A Clue: It’s In The Name, “Swimming Pool”

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I didn’t go swimming on Monday night, because Mum went in a shower, and she was exhausted, and just got dressed into her pyjamas when she came out, so she didn’t want to get dressed again just to take me down to the swimming pool, so I said I’d wait until later in the week to go swimming. I checked the pool timetable, and apparently the best night to go swimming was Friday night, which looked much the same as Monday night, where the pool’s essentially free after 8pm – just lanes closed off for the “serious” swimmers, which is fine.

(Before 8pm, there are swimming lessons and the Hamilton swimming club – depending on what night it is, the swimming club can take over the entire main pool, relegating everyone else to the “leisure” pool, where you can’t actually swim, because it’s about 2ft deep, if even that, and there are rapids.

There’s also the kiddy pool, but it’s about 0.5ft deep, and you’re literally not allowed in unless you have a child under – I think – 1 year of age. (Annoyingly, people bring children of under 1 year of age into the main pool, and then proceed to block space, when they SHOULD be in the kiddy pool. There should be a rule that kids under a certain age shouldn’t EVER be allowed in the main pool. EVER. It would be especially handy, as those are the ones who tend to diarrhea in the pool, causing it to be closed off, but that’s another rant.)


Last night. I checked the schedule, and it said that after 8pm, the entire main pool was open – from 7.30pm to 8pm, the swimming club had the 3 lanes normally reserved for swimmers, which meant the rest of the pool was ours, and from 8pm onwards, the whole pool was open.

Fine. I could deal with that.

I got to the pool, and when I did, I was told that no, actually, at 8.30pm, the canoe club was coming in.

It’s not on the timetable. (If that doesn’t give you Friday, click on Friday on the top.)

I should have probably remembered, because there were times when I was in until after 8.30pm post-Spinning and post-gym on a Friday (p.s. Friday night spinning isn’t on anymore. :( ) and I’m sure I remember the canoe club, but the point is: it should be on the schedule.

I managed to get my 32 lengths in, just. It was literally 28 minutes past 8, and they were dragging the canoes in from out back – doors flung wide to the outside world and letting the FREEZING COLD INTO THE SWIMMING POOL while we’re still swimming – when I got my 32nd length/16th lap done (lap to me = up and back; length: one length of the pool, 25m).

Then I went and floated around the rapids for a while. It’s been ages since I’ve been over in the leisure pool. Last time was probably when Lorna and Matt were over for a visit, in fact. They’ve actually upgraded them, and they’re pretty fast/strong, which is nice. They can move me around corners pretty quickly.

But I’m still annoyed that it’s almost impossible to actually get into the swimming pool to swim, because it’s almost always being given out for other things. I wish there was a pool somewhere that could be hired out just for clubs and things, so that people don’t have to check the effing schedule – which apparently doesn’t have things on it, anyway (and I know that there’s at least one water zumba missing, too) – to see when they can go for a swim.

It’s annoying, and liable to put people off. Like my mother, who never wants to go swimming now, because there’s always something blocking off parts of the pool, or only an hour to swim before, y’know. Something has to block off all or part of the pool.

Or worse:

A crowd of 20-or-so boys who insist on dive-bombing into the pool, almost on top of your head.

And I’m not quite sure which is worse, to be honest.

I’m just glad that I’ve got my MP3 player now. I can just ignore any screams and shouts, and go into the swimming lanes when they open, where the boys can’t jump on me, accidentally or otherwise.

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In Which I’m Going To Quote Jesse McCartney Once More

4th November 2015

FATGIRLslim | In Which Tracy's Finished With Therapy
© cbckchristine (Used with… permission? I purchased the M size on Fotolia.)

I would like to kiss whoever designed waterproof MP3 players. I’ve been saying for ages and ages that I was going to buy a waterproof MP3 player, and I finally did. Just a cheap one, but it does its job: it stays on, and it works underwater. It blocks out the noise from the pool, and I can listen to music while I’m swimming.

The first time that I went swimming, I managed to do about 16 lengths (a quarter mile) but it took me the best part of an hour and a half, because I was bored out of my mind, and just dawdling along, basically. It also didn’t help that I did two lengths (up and back and up and back) and stopped for a minute or two.

With my music on, the only thing that was a cause for stopping was IDIOTS GETTING IN MY WAY AND SWIMMING IN MY LANE, and the even bigger idiots who were swimming ACROSS THE POOL, instead of up and down.

(Like, seriously. At the time of night I go, there are two lanes for “swimmers”: those people who are fit enough to just keep swimming and not stop, or who are members of a club or whatever. It means that two lanes are blocked off; the breadth of the pool is not complete. And there are still people who insist on swimming across the pool, despite it not being a full breadth. And they do it, despite everyone else swimming lengths.)

So, on Monday night, I managed to swim 32 lengths – a half mile – in less than an hour.

Of course, then I wasted all the calories I’d burned by ordering a Chinese at the Chinese up the road on JustEat when I got out, because I was bloody starving. What I didn’t know was that the Subway in the supermarket’s still open at that time, so if I need/want food after my swim from now on, I’ll go and get a SANDWICH. It’ll be cheaper and healthier.

But it’s good. Swimming and music. I maintain that I’m part fish from growing up where I did. Greenock had a really good swimming pool (it was called the Hector McNeill; it had a TWELVE FOOT DEEP END. I never got brave enough to learn how to dive, though. I STILL can’t dive. Maybe I’ll learn, soon.) and I was always down there, whenever we could when I was younger. It helped that our primary schools had a scheme where, when you were (I think) ten years old, they took you to the pool once a week to teach you to swim. It’s still wonderfully freeing, floating and being supported. Adding music to that’s an added bonus.

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In Which I Share TMI

25th October 2015

I kept on meaning to make a post during the week about how good a week I’ve had – I went to the gym, I went back to spinning (and took three days to recover from it, admittedly, but I’m still back at spinning!) – and things have just taken over a little bit and I haven’t managed to do it.

So when I woke up before my alarm went off this morning, and I had a shower, and I went down to see my Aunty Helen and my Granny and Granda, I thought: I’ll write it when I get home.

And then I was in the car on the way down there and my stomach started cramping. I thought I was getting my period, but then it got worse, and I was like, “Oh, no. I need to go.”

From hereon in, please expect some TMI!

Luckily, we were stopping at a restaurant for breakfast – it was a terrible breakfast – but when I went to the bathroom, I barely went.

Mum didn’t eat anything, because it was all Fried Stuff On Rolls (brioche buns, even, but they didn’t tell us about that before serving it up) and so we stopped in at another place in Greenock, and it must have taken us twenty minutes, twenty-five minutes to get from the place in Langbank to the place in Greenock, and in that time, I was almost crying from the pain in my gut.

Mum and Dad got a table. I went to the bathroom… which was in a different place than it used to be. Thanks, Old Bank Bar. Almost caused me to have an accident!

I spent the entire time in the bathroom. Mum ordered food, got served food, and ate food. I was in the bathroom so long that the automatic lights went out, and Mum came in to check that I hadn’t passed out. (I almost did at one point.)

I pooped seven times, full-size. And then everything was liquid. I didn’t think that the human body could hold so much poo, but apparently it can. I didn’t think I’d eaten that much food, but if I think about it, I can’t remember the last time I went #2.

I was crying in the bathroom stall from the pain in my stomach. I’m currently still in pain. My Aunty Geraldine gave me two Imodium – meant to stop diarrhea – and it didn’t help. Everything is still liquid.

All I can be thankful for is that it’s not coming out of the other end, too.

So much for my good week. If I’m still like this tomorrow, I’ll be cancelling Tuesday night’s spin, because I won’t have any energy, because I won’t be eating anything tomorrow, except maybe toast, because it’ll just be running through me and hurting on the way.

I feel like my stomach’s eating itself up and coming out the other end.

I know it’s got to have been something I’ve eaten, because something on a less vigorous scale than this has happened before, when I ate a slightly dodgy cold cut, and I had some corned beef yesterday that had been opened a few days (sealed in a sandwich bag) but could have been on the turn.

Now I’m all shivering and stomach’s aching and my gut’s churning and I keep running to the bathroom every 5 minutes but HOW CAN THERE POSSIBLY BE ANYTHING LEFT?

I only ate half a portion of fries from McDonald’s, and drank a milkshake because my stomach was all sick-feeling – and I know some people say that dairy products are bad for when you’re feeling sick, but a glass of milk or a bowl of ice cream helps calm my stomach down. Especially if eaten/drunk/sipped slowly.

And now through all this TMI, I’ve gone to the bathroom twice, and haven’t stopped shivering.

I hate you, body. I’m going to bed.


In Which I Would Lose 100lbs And I Would Lose 100 More

18th October 2015

The last time I talked about Timehop, it was to talk about my weight, or my weight loss, four years ago, when I was 26st 12.25lbs.

Today’s Timehop was… well.

I’m not going to post the photo from Timehop. I found it on my external hard drive, instead.

FATGIRLslim | In Which I'd Lost 100lbs

Four years ago yesterday was the day that I hit the 100lbs-lost-since-my-highest-ever-weight. My weight loss was at 100lbs since my highest-ever-weight. I HAD LOST 100lbs SINCE MY HIGHEST-EVER-WEIGHT.

Do you know how upsetting that was?

It wasn’t.

It was annoying, more than anything else.

It made me wonder what the hell happened, after that, that I ended up gaining the weight back. I’m going to go back and read the entries and see if I can figure it out – I’ll have mentioned something.

Because that Timehop entry was in March. Which means that between March and October of 2011, I went from 26st 12lb to 24st 13lb, and then… SOMETHING.

I can’t believe it’s been four years.